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  2. It is more important than ever to stay healthy, but I wanted to note that I saw in very recent news that the average person has gained 30 pounds since the beginning of quarantine. This makes me very nervous as we all know obesity is a horrible killer in this country, and the claim is that obesity is a risk factor for COVID... So I guess I am mostly responding to this topic to strongly encourage everyone to use a BMI calculator. A healthy BMI is 18.5-24.9 and anything over or under is overweight or underweight. If nothing else, I encourage everyone to do what they can to keep themselves in the healthy range. If Obesity is TRULY a risk for covid, then controlling your own weight is probably more important than wearing a mask. Sure a mask "slows spread"... but controlling our weight might prevent death if what they are saying is true. Hope everyone is staying healthy.
  3. Woohoo! I am a SAHM and I love it! I hope to meet others on this site as well!!
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    Happy Mother's Day fellow Moms!
  6. I hope I do not come across as rude, but as a genuine question, as a middle school boy why would you be joining a site called Christian Moms? It just seems off, and the fact that you also only joined to post this and then respond to the pandemic situation post with saying your mom teaches that the pandemic is god punishing us? IDK - I just don't feel like you came here with honest intentions and so I restate my question as a response to yours -- Why are you here looking for answers as a middle school boy?
  7. Just thought I would update this thread, I tried clicking the link and it says that site is no longer available and I also cannot find this app on the iPhone App Store at this time. I like looking into new opportunities such as what was suggested by the original poster, so if anyone else happens to try this app and gets it to work I would love to know, but I suspect it is here and gone already.
  8. I use the Easy Peasy program for my kids and they love it. I have really customized the program for my family, as we also do summer school each year as a "5th quarter" of review before they level up a grade. I am always looking for other moms using this program I adore it!!!
  9. I see that your topic is fairly old, but perhaps a reply will bring your back to update. How is your family doing now? Did your husband get a good report and are things on a good track?
  10. I’m not saying that God can’t play a role and use the pandemic to punish the entire world because if he wants to he can he’s the only one with that power... but I don’t think this is God playing worldwide punishment. I think this is evil leaders playing with peoples lives for a power grab.
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    Feeling Burnt Out

    I tend to agree with the above about letting the child rest in the crib in a "cared for" state if you need time. As an adult, you need to be able to take care of yourself and although 6mo is a very young age with a lot of challenges, if you keep feeding the need for constant stimulation for you it will only get harder over time to take it for yourself. Another way to look at it is like training your child up to be an adult. As an adult, you do not want your child to be constantly needy of you. You want them to learn it is okay to be by themselves and self-entertained for short periods of time. Again, in a cared for situation where the child is not hungry, wet diapered, or ill there is no reason they cannot have some peaceful quiet time for even 20 minutes for you to shower or take care of a messy task that demands your full attention.
  12. Hello, I am a Christian mom and found this site by accident so thought I would check it out.
  13. My mamma says god has a plan, and this is his way of punishing those who do not follow nature’s plan (Gays, trans, ect)
  14. Middle school boy here, figuring this is the best place to get some help/answers. Yesterday I was hanging out with a (gay) friend and he showed me a music video with satan in it. I think the song was called call me by your name or something. Anyway, so after seeing the video I began to feel attracted to my friend. Desperately wanted to kiss him. I ignored my unfaithful urge, and went home, but last night I began to stop believing in God a bit. Does anyone know why I feel so intensely attracted to my friend, and why I think I have stopped loving Him?
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  16. Hello everyone, my name is Audrey and I have been working at a local hardware store in my town for the past 4 years. Recently, my boss made a new hire- an openly gay man, who appears to not follow any religion. He is very nice, but I always feel a little uncomfortable around him, considering that, well... He is not following in the path of the lord. He's rather young and I see great potential in him, so I must ask. Would it a be good idea to introduce him to the word of god? I don't want to be too forceful, but for the sake of my own comfort and his future in the eyes of the lord, maybe it would be for the best that I lend him some gentle advice. Maybe to reconsider his path, and open his heart to god?
  17. Happy Saturday! I am new here and want to wish all of you a blessed day.
  18. This has been a very popular question on other online forums for the past year. I found my answer. What do you mommas think?
  19. We also have the same problems with my baby. Our pediatr recommend use organic baby formula. Seems work. Be healthy!
  20. Nice to be a part of this community!
  21. Hi Karen, unfortunately our kids are being exposed to pornography at earlier ages. I have a bible based article on how to deal with this before it becomes an addiction. Pornography is a means Satan uses to turn our youth away from God. Let me know if you would like the article. Sorry
  22. Hi Patty20, so sorry to hear you are going thru this. The Bible is clear about how God feels about homosexual despite what man, clergy or not says. Your son would not be the first young man to have these feelings. You do not have to pay anyone to help your son. If you have already instilled the values in the scriptures you can use those to help him. Focus not on stopping him from being gay, but on him having a good relationship with God. There are many sins that can separate us from Gods favor. Fornication between same sex unmarried couples cannot be tolerated. This often is a double standard among Christians. If we are going to follow scripture it cannot be just the ones we like. I have an free bible based book they help Christian youths deal with homosexuality and other tests of the faith that will come up. I can email to you if you’d like.
  23. My children are 6 and 9. The depression really set in because I felt isolated with my second child and stopped working outside the home. I missed being outside the home. Once I was able to change my attitude towards motherhood everything got better.
  24. Hi Janelle! Yes, I am a stay at home mom. May I ask how old are your children? And why do you feel depressed with the second child?
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