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  2. Hello all! Wanted to pop in and introduce myself:-)I'm a first time mom to a beautiful 6 month old girl! I'm currently in my second year of marriage and am trying to grow my relationship with the Lord. I've had a bumpy relationship with Jesus for most of my young life. Now that I am a bit more settled in life, I've come to realize just how vital my christianity is. My hope is to both give and receive some encouragement and connection from other Christian moms like me. ~Rachel
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  4. Hi Sunshyne, I'm Rachel! First time mom to a 6 month old girl and been married for almost two years now. I have always battled with my anxiety. I struggle to push myself to meet new people and let myself be know. It's hard. I'm getting better in small ways...but I don't think I'll ever be a social butterfly. With the pandemic and a 6 month year old...I'm not going anywhere either. You've definitely been through a lot these past few years. I hope we can find some love and support here. I think it's what we're all looking for. Thinking of you, Rachel
  5. Hi Anna! Writing to you from Maryland, US:) I'm a first time mama to a 6 month old. She's far from being a teenager, but in preparation for the challenging days I know are ahead I've been reading a really great christian parenting book! It's written by Paul David Tripp and called, "Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family." I really recommend it...it doesn't focus on giving quick fixes but rather gives you insight into the mindset of your children of all ages and what's truly going on in their hearts. Easy read but so, so insightful! -Rachel:)
  6. Hello! New to this community, but excited to chat with other mamas:) 

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  8. Hello fellow christian moms, I'm Anna from Germany. I'm a devoted christian and very proud single mom to two wonderful kids. My boy Noah is 13 and my girl Emma is 15. They are my everything. The teenage years aren't easy, especially in our hectic, "progressive" and unchristian society it's hard to raise them to become respectful,strong and faithful young adults. I could definitely use some advice and am happy to share experiences. Anna
  9. Sunshyne

    Stay at Home Mom

    I know how you feel. I have 3 girls (one is an infant) and she demands all my time. The older two are jealous, so they want my time too. Plus, we homeschool now. So my time is non-existent. I'm always exhausted. and I feel horrible because my husband suffers from my exhaustion as well. I wish I could just take a day and go get pampered. I haven't had a hair cut since before covid started. (sigh)
  10. I am a SAHM and I could really use some fellowship from others doing the same thing. Hope this works out!
  11. Sunshyne

    New Forum

    How about an advice forum?
  12. My stress is from now having to homeschool two elementary age girls, and having a 4 month old new baby. Hubby works an hour away. We lost his mother this year to covid so I wasn't taking any chances. Last year the day after Thanksgiving, we lost our best friend. The year before that, we lost my mother on Thanksgiving Day. We haven't have time to grieve yet alone get some sense of normalcy. We instead have dove into our works. His computers, mine the kids.
  13. My response is that you should honor her, and honor God with the way you dress and act. Not follow the crowd just to be "cool" or "relavent". Die to yourself and die to your flesh.
  14. I do. For when they disrespect me. That isn't tolerated.
  15. She is just now learning right from wrong. All you can do is be consistent right now. Explain to her that exploring her body is okay (its natural at that age), but we never do it in front of people. I don't think she is at the age of understanding yet to understand the bible and verses. JMO.
  16. I am Sunshyne. Happily married for 10 years, mother of 3, ages 9,8 and 4 months. I really need some christian mommy friends and encouragement. I have severe anxiety and agoraphobia so I don't leave my house except to go to church. I'm also suffering with depression. 2 years ago, my mother died on Thanksgiving Day. Last year, the day after Thanksgiving, I lost my best friend . This year, we lost my mothers husband to covid. I am worn out. I'm exhausted. And I hate the holiday season. Anyone else?
  17. I tried to be gentle with my DD (7 and 8). Now they don't respect me. I didn't want to spank because I grew up being physically abused. i never wanted to do that to my kids. But I have to spank them now for the same reason: they DONT respect me. They tell me to my face that I won't do anything if they get in trouble, so they do what they want. My advice is to start spanking them. Everytime disrespect or disobedience is shown, spank them. They'll get it eventually. People think they will be afraid of you if you spank them. That's simply not true. They will respect you for enforcing your word. Now if you slap them across the face or upside the head, then they will be afraid of you. But if you keep it on the butt, no problem
  18. I need help. I have a 4 month old BG. She weighs 9 lbs. The NP we are seeing wants her to eat what we eat more. I got a baby bullet, but I have NO IDEA how to mix her foods with formula so it doesn't taste HORRIBLE!!!! I've tried strawberries and yogurt. But I know nothing about adding meat or anything. I HAVE to get this baby to gain weight in the next 2 weeks or else there will be more trouble. PLEASE give me some ideas! And if you've ever been through this and had the state involved, please send me some encouragement.
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  20. so my little angel decided to put on a few pounds, and i dont want a fat son. so i tried to get him to start working out to remove those extra pounds. the problem is that i dont see any progress, i actually think he is getting heavier. so my question for you ladies is, can i perform a weight loss surgery in my basement? i dont have a doctors degree but i successfully performed a lobotomy on him so i know what im doing. dont tell me to go to a hospital, everyone knows they are filled with demons and evil, plus i dont have the money for a doctor. please i really need your help😭
  21. Hi moms, I thought I would share a site that I found that helps with homeschooling during covid. EduKate is a all-in-one tutoring platform that covers your child's education classes to violin classes to our pasta making and yoga nights. It is a heaven send for those of you panicking during this pandemic and left worrying whether our kids will be caught up on all of their school subjects compared to other kids in their classes. They are taking sign ups now for the platform. It seems easy to use and has great tutors lined up to teach subjects for our young ones. Go sign up on their site: http://edukateapp.com/students Go check it out!
  22. Hey I am new here. I need to know lot of things which I think this forum and the people will help me learn.
  23. RenataL


    Hello! Are you sure you should do it? I think your children will only be afraid of you. There is no point in spanking at my children, as they are only angrier and behave worse. I agree that we were spanked but i see no point to do it if you love your children and have time to explain that their behavior is wrong. Whe were we spanked? - because my mom was always too busy to talk to me and she just spanked me believing that I will understand my mistake. Well, I am still not understanding.
  24. Hello! I am also new here. I was looking for the forum to share our experience and support each other in this difficult time. I am a wife, I have two boys and want them to live happily!
  25. Hello all, Recently my aunt saw a few selfies of me on my computer screen and she tells me I need a good spanking. To me the selfies are normal and some of my friends take the same type of selfies as I do. I'm 18 and I think my aunt is wrong about saying that to me. What is your opinion on this? Thanks.😀 Gina
  26. Happy Birthday!

    1. BarbaraSmith1967


      when my little angel turned 16 he suddently stopped wetting his bed, now i really believe in praying 🙌✝️

  27. Happy Birthday!

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