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  2. I think I’m gay, but I’m not sure how I should tell my husband. He’s so nice to me and the kids 😢😢 I’m so in love with my favorite actor Lana Rhoades though, I don’t know what to do!! Help! #WAP
  3. ew your son is a furry? Maybe he does need Jesus...
  4. sorry mate just came back and realized, you work at a hardware store...youre in no position to say anything about anyone elses lives lmao
  5. Don't hit your kids period. if you couldn't handle properly raising them and disciplining them, you should've either gotten an abortion or put them up for adoption. You're selfish for raising kids only to hurt or even think about hurting them
  6. Let him be gay or burn in hell you selfish wench.
  7. You can still love God and be romantically attracted to the same gender. God loves all regardless of what many other hateful Christians think. The line "A man shall not lie with another man" was fabricated in the 1960s/70s to go against hippy movements of all around love. Do not listen to what past sinners have changes. They've changed Gods word and shall perish forever. Follow your heart and the way of God. If it must be one, make the right choice, choose yourself and the path you will be most happy on.
  8. but Audrey, who doesn't love a good penis? You can't blame the guy
  9. JanellG I would say that God is not Responsible for the Pandemic. However, I do believe that He allowed it.
  10. AthenaH. Welcome, to the site, come and join in with us and help support and give of your talents. See you around.
  11. candersonlota, I can understand how one must feel. This is a situation that is out of anyone's control. This very first thing that I would do is, ask God, what should I do? or say? in this this situation. Seek Him first, and you will find His answers in this situation. By His spirit says the Lord. Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. 2 Corinthians 3:17King James Bible
  12. FOTSmom

    Mom of 3 girlss

    Awesome! Glad to see you here! How old are your girls?? Hope you are having a fun weekend together!
  13. Kgirlmom3

    Mom of 3 girlss

    Hello im a stay at home mom of 3 girls. Just trying to make mom friends to help me with my journey with faith and my kids!
  14. I am really sorry to hear about this. I think I would ask her to have a very serious conversation with her and ask her to repent and then talk about marriage and how marriage is a picture of Christ and the church. That might change her view of premarital relationships. Sadly this is the way of the world today, and it is personally why I have opted to become a separatist for my family’s sake. She might be under a lot of social pressure and obviously this boyfriend of hers is not a Christian, or at least not truly if he acts like he is. The whole thing sounds frustrating. I am very sorry.
  15. I caught my 16 year old daughter performing oral sex on her boyfriend. I don't know what to do, I don't even want to look at her. I came on this site searching for help. I feel disgusted that she would subject herself to him like that. What do I do??? How can I get past this?
  16. This might be better suited in the homeschool topic, but I have been using the "Our Daily Bread" as a supplement to our daily bible reading passages for homeschool and I wondered if anyone has a specific program for Bible study with their homeschool that they really like. I have been trying to find something that I can enjoy as much as the kids, and while the daily bread passages are great, truly they are great, they are a little too "stereotypical" for me. I want more of a convicting experience I guess than what they offer at this point? I am not sure how to word that, perhaps something more serious? Less emotionally appeasing and more based on truth even if it hurts? I really don't know the words I am looking for but if anyone has a recommendation I would love to hear it!
  17. FOTSmom

    Stay at Home Mom

    I have 3 kids, ages 3, 6, and 7. I have a lot on my plate with my youngest not having an age sibling, and my oldest two are Irish twins more or less so it has been interesting as I learn to find ways for them to include my youngest. The oldest are boy and girl, and the youngest a girl. If you homeschool, it might be beneficial to let the older two help teach the youngest when she starts classes. My oldest daughter teaches my youngest things like colors and shapes and helps her practice letter sound flash cards. That has worked really well for me, while my son is responsible for helping my youngest access anything she needs in the house like her step stool to wash her hands, get her a drink in the kitchen, or help her do her laundry etc. I find giving my older ones a chance to be older and spend time with my youngest has been the most fun for everyone. I had to be present a lot in the beginning to prevent bullying or "parenting". I do not want them treating her like she is less than, I just wanted them to learn to teach her and help her in a loving way and it is working so far. I relate to the feeling of exhaustion, my husband works all day long it feels like and with world events we are at a home a LOT these weeks... I promise you are not alone but try to get enough sleep. Make it happen if you can, that seems to be the only thing that helps. I find I have to get about 9 hours a night to function at the highest level possible day in and day out, so the nights I don't I try to get a nap with the kids. On the haircut thing - and the real reason I am responding LOL - I intentionally have not cut my hair since Nov. 2019 as I am going a decade without them if I can help it. I want rapunzel hair I decided. LOL! So maybe embrace the hair! Hope you are doing better now than in November. -FOTS
  18. I found you and was able to subscribe! You’ve made a lot of really good Bible study videos thank you so much for sharing!!! 😁
  19. Absolutely will! I sure hope you feel better soon. I had a very minor procedure done on my foot and it’s quite burdensome, I could not imagine breaking my leg!
  20. thanks. Possibly just look up Athena Harless and see if that gives you results. After breaking my leg resulting in having surgery in Feb. I haven't posted too much. I would love a new follower though, so look me up.
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