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  • Prayers for my Dad

    Hi Moms,

    Please keep my 86 year old Dad in your prayers. He fell down his uncarpeted basement stairs this past week. Miraculously he only cracked the edge of one vertebrae. He had a slight concussion and of course bruising. He's so blessed he wasn't hurt worse. It could have been SO much worse. He was in the ER, then the hospital. Once examined at the hospital, they determined his blood pressure was extremely low, he was dehydrated and that his blood level was low. This explained how he may have lost his balance, causing his fall. Partly due to the concussion and the blood issues, he spoke with a slur and was rather incoherent. He was moved to a nursing home for rehabilitation. After giving him 2 units of blood, rehydrating him and making sure he has all his medicines dosed at the proper time, it was like talking to my Dad from 5 years ago.

    My Mom, age 83 and he and our family will have some big decisions to make as to whether it's time for assisted living, or seeing if it's really safe for him and her to be at home on their own. Please pray for wisdom and peace for all at whatever decisions we make. Thank you!

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    Lifts them up to You, dad, 86 and mom, 83

    Father God we lift up this dad 86 year old
    Father God we pray for complete healing and restoration.
    Father God heal this crack and the concussion and all bruising.
    Father God I thank you for stopping any other hurts or damages to this dad.
    Father God heal the blood pressure, make it flow normal and open his mine to drink lot of water.
    Thank you for what you are doing in this life in Jesus name Amen

    Father God we pray for the mom, age 83. We pray for guidance and decisions to make the choice for your will to be done.
    Father God we pray for wisdom and peace for all at whatever decisions they will make.
    In Jesus name Amen.
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      How is your parents doing? it has been a whille