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Does anyone enjoy working?

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    I work part time and would love to stay at home. I LOVE my job but I LOVE my kids and am having trouble doing both since our 2nd came 6 mos ago(back to work for 3) I'm actually torn because my husband wants me to work right right but when I pray all so often (and when I am driving to work) I feel like God is telling me to stay at home with them. How can I do this being Christian I am to submit to my husband right? We are having difficulties right now and a lot if the ways he is teaching and disciplining the little ones I just don't agree with. Not that it's abusive but I just don't think he takes parenting as serious and Christian parenting as serious as I do. Help!! Any advice and prayers are greatly appreciated! Thank you, God bless you all, in Jesus name, Amen.