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Where do you stand on supporting a war with Iraq?

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    No one likes war (at least no peace loving people) but it unfortunately is a fact of life in this world. There are so many evil people out there who commit horrendous crimes and are never held accountable. I respect President Bush for pursuing his beliefs and Christian values. This is not an easy choice for him, could any of us decide with a snap of the fingers. I don't believe he sleeps easily knowing he is making life and death choices for our soldiers. But it is necessary! If no one takes the effort to stop these mad men, nothing will be done and the world will run rampant with fear, crime and mayhem. I don't like war and don't always agree with what is being done but it must be done. I personally think that Christ has blessed President Bush and he is President of the United States at this time for a reason. I haven't seen any previous Presidents step to the plate and do what is necessary (excluding President Reagan). We should all pray for President Bush and our troops and for the evil doers. I believe most of them know no ohter way. This is the way they are raised, to hate Americans and anyone who gets in their way. Violence is a way of life for them and children are exposed at a very early age to it. Prayer can do a lot if enough people are committed to it. We should stand behind our troops, pray for them as well as President Bush and last but certainly not least, remember that GOD IS IN CONTROL!!!! Only HE knows the outcome and what His plan is. Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts!


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      Just like in the passion when ( I think it was pilot) sorry not sure any way starts apologizing and saying blame your people not me. And Jesus said you do nothing to methat my father doesnt allow. Mean nothing you can say or do will affect me unless my father wanted it to be. I believe this is with every thing in lifeat this so ( nothing happens unless God allows it)

      So I believe each day in all things God is in charge. And if he didnt want the President doing what he is doing he wouldnt allow it. WE HAVE TO BELIEVE IN ALL THINGS GOD IS IN CHARGE AND NOT US!!!!

      And yes it take a very strong man to stand up for what he believes!!!!!!
      I take one step at a time closer to Jesus and each day gets a bit brighter.


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        Cute Bumper Sticker

        I saw a cute bumper sticker which, I think, fits into this thread and the viewpoints of the posters thus far. tehe

        "It's God's job to forgive Osama, it's our job to arrange the meeting" US MARINES SEMPER FI

        Love in Christ
        Love in Christ

        Jesus is like Dial soap.
        I'm glad that I have Him,
        I wish everyone else did.


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          I like that!!!


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            What I've been telling our war-protesting friends for over a year now is that I don't like war but that I trust our government leaders to make the proper decision with the information they have. Regardless of what comes out in the news there are thousands of details that we common folk don't know and may never know. Unless we have evidence that Washington powers are being abused and our leaders are in defiance of God (rather than some entertaining "documentary" by Michael Moore), we are called to pray for our leaders and support them.

            And I really agree with what a couple of you have stated regarding God being in control even when there's wars and things seem chaotic. Since the war began, my husband and I don't pray for victory for one side or the other but that God may be glorified and that people may come to know him through the course of events. We pray for Saddam... what a testimony would it be if he came to know the Lord personally and confessed to the world and asked forgiveness?! I'm not holding my breath but God is a miracle worker and I know He is working good and beautiful things in the midst of the ugliness.

            For it is by grace I have been saved through faith - this salvation is not from myself, it is the gift a God - not by my works, so I cannot boast. (this I know by Ephesians 2:8)


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              Amen Laurie !

              Matthew 5:44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

              Psalm 47: 7 For God is the King of all the earth: sing ye praises with understanding.
              8 God reigneth over the heathen: God sitteth upon the throne of his holiness
              from Bonny Scotland =0->-

              Titus 2:4 That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children,


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                I am not for war, but I do back up our president ! Our president had seen that it was right to take action now!! We need to rember to pray for our president .That through God Bush will be lead by the Holy Spirit , and that his decisions will be guided by God . The one who is in control!!!!!!!!!
                And I am thankfull that He is the one in control!!!!((smile))
                Loving Companion To Ryan (5 years),
                and loving mom to Jace & Jaren .


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                  I am torn, I need some guiadance and pray, my 17 year old son Patrick has enlisted in the Marines, this is something that he as want to do for a long time. I support the military as my father, brothers and myself have all serve one time or other. He want to go to college and he does not want to get all those student loans. When we first talk to the Army recuiter, it look like he would get into the ROTC program, that away for the service to pay for college, but then the Marines came over and Patrick want to join the Marines. I feel a little betray as when the told me to signed this form I ask what is was for and the recuiter said just to sent him for his phyical. When it was for me to waved away my rights. Then he went down to the physcial and signed a contact for enlistment. Now he sent to go into the Marines as an enlistmen and an infranty mam. The kick is he as a good AFSAVB score. I know for a fact that the preson in charge scare patrick and then Patrick does not speak for himself. I want to say somethng but I know that Patrick will get upset if I interfed to much. A couple days ago he tell me that he want to go to college first and then Marines. I am asking for prays as we try to fit this problem. We have apply to the Naval ROTC program. We think it might be to late to go back to ARmy. I know I should have read that form but I trusted someone & should not have. Please pray for us as we go


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                    As someone who stopped her nephew from signing up for the Marines the day he was supposed to go, I understand what you're going through. Patrick is now on my permanent prayer list. Now that they "own" him, at least you can take pride in his decision. What guts it takes to join the Marines! He must be one special young man. Hopefully, that Naval ROTC thing will come through...
                    "In all of your ways, acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths." Proverbs 3:6


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                      I wonder if anyone has had a change of opinion on the war since it began. I know that I did. I thought that it would be a good thing at first and that we needed to do it but have changed my mind in the last few years. I still support the soldiers and have family members serving as we speak but am still opposed to the war. I think that we, as Christians are called to support our leaders but that doesn't mean that we are to accept whatever they say and do just because they are our leaders. We have a form of government that is supposed to be based on the people and not on the leaders. The leaders get their power from the people and should be ruled by what the people think. I think that we should defend ourselves as a country but we are spending too much time defending other countries and trying to make sure that different threats don't get a foothold in other places to spend much time fortifying our own country. I think we should spend more time at home worrying about our country here and defending it when the threat is here instead of trying to head off any threat that our government throws out there. I'm struggling with this again as there is talk of going into Iran. I feel like we're back at the same point we were at when we were discussing whether to go into Iraq or not. I don't feel like we made the best decisions with regards to Iraq and I'm afraid that we're going to make some of those same mistakes when it comes to Iran.

                      Another thought that bothers me and I would love some feedback on...why do we feel like we can tell the rest of the world that they can't have a nuclear program when we have one of the best in the world and have no intentions of getting rid of ours?

                      Just a thought that I have. I hope that our leadership will start paying more attention to what is happening here at home and start listening to the people (including many of the soldiers who have come home and talked about the horrors of this war) and not make the same mistakes again by trying to invade Iran when they haven't done anything to us. We need to stop trying to fight everyone else's battles for them.


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                        Wow this is still going on 2016