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    Father God we pray right now in the name of Jesus for the President, Vice President and officials and other leaders around the world in this situation. Father God give them wisdom and keep them safe. Father God we pray for all of the officials that are involved with this situation to make godly decisions, for lives to be saved, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Father God we lift them up right now in the name of Jesus. Father God we ask for protection of our leaders, and all leaders around the world. Father God send forth the Holy Spirit to impart wisdom, and knowledge to heal the land and the people. Father God we pray for medicine, as well as for the natural body to heal itself as you have designed it to do. Father God we pray this prayer in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Amen.
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    To All, I want to thank God, for my Mom. My Mom has been the best for me, my sibling, and a wife to my Dad. She was perfect, and beautiful in my site. My mom was a working mom, and my Dad had his own business in the garage. Even though she was out of the home, she took great care in our upbringing. Both parents were Christians, Mom was Baptist, and my Dad was Church of God in Christ. However, they did not attend church on a regular basis. Because they had the job of working to feed, cloths, and educate the eight children. I know God was in the plan because I was the evangelist of the house, and the neighborhood. I was second from the youngest in my family, and I attended church with the ones (siblings and neighbors ) who wanted to go to church with me. My Mom would get us most the things we needed, and wanted. My Dad would pay the bills. My Mom always worked behind the seen negotiating for us with my Dad. She would take us to Disneyland, parks and the regular school stuff and we would love to go to the parades. They would manage to save money for family vacations in the summer to visit with relatives, 1700 miles from our home. I will always remember these two things that charted my life. I went away to college and my mom cried and when I came home she cried, probably because I was the only child the attended a university, away from home. I was her little best friend and she missed me so much. After college, things were not working as I had plan for my life, it seems that everything was going wrong. My mom said to me, “you have tried running, biking, jobs, and friends, and it is not working out, so why don’t you just try Jesus?” It dawned on me that I had not been going to church after college. I took up her words. I been running for Jesus a long time, and I am not tired yet. Life with our Lord Christ Jesus has been a blessing and I thank God for my mom reminding me of that simple fact, to stay with the Lord, for He provides the blessings. I now remind her that she gave me back the breath of life, and now living in it with Jesus, because of her very words. It is interesting that Moms know the right words to say when things are going wrong. For that I am grateful. Mom is 90 years old, and I am grateful, and loving that God has blessed her with long life. Dad died at age 72, as a family we, have a great Mom, and had a great Dad, who vowed to protect us until he die, and he did. We as a family had a great family life, lacking nothing.
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    christianmom, Your Mom, strong in the faith. It seems as though her work paid off on you, and now you are passing it on to your children. It is quite natural for you to miss her. Sounds like she played a big role in your life. A Mom that shows care and concern for her children, as well as others, reveals a great Mom. She has left you with a wealth of quotes, wisdom, and knowledge to pass on to your family as well as others, as you do so well with this site. I want to say Happy Mother's Day to you, other moms,visiting guests, or members.
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    My Mom was a wonderful woman with a strong faith and I miss her terribly. She passed away 5 years ago, yesterday. It was hard to lose her right before Mother's Day! She died peacefully, and I trust she is with my Dad in heaven and many relatives who've gone before. (Part of me is thankful she's not here to suffer through this pandemic). Every day I still think I want to tell her some random thing. That seems to never go away. She had a wonderful way of showing care and concern for everyone she met and had a wonderful sense of humor. So did my Dad, and I remember a lot of love and laughter anytime we were together, just the 3 of us, or with our family. I hope to instill many of the things she taught me into my children and grandchildren. Her hope for all of her children and grandchildren was that they experience the love of Jesus. I've loved nothing more than being a wife and a mother. It was my greatest hope and dream. More than any career or job. Parenting isn't always easy, but I realize with each generation, we hope are own kids are wiser than we were and learn from their mistakes and ours (and hopefully they will make less of them!) Happy Mother's Day to all our Moms out there! You are blessed! Some quotes from my Mom: Laughter IS the best medicine! Things will look brighter in the morning Listen to the music of the falling rain Do it right the first time, you won't have to do it again. Don't be a quitter, follow through and finish]. Do what you say you are going to do
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