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    Hi Adale, I can relate. It took me years to find true joy in my motherhood. For many years I was overwhelmed, exhausted, and overwhelmed. A lot of it has to due with how we are taught by society norms to value motherhood. Once I started focusing on what I can do now, and not how my life was before children it helped a lot. When I had my second child I became a SAHM and got very depressed. Are you are SAHM?
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    I relatively quite new here, but there is something I have noticed when I read through the forums here. I know there are already other posts here that discuss whether spanking is good or not, but my question is different and is aimed towards those who do spank. So please don't turn this into a discussion about that Many times I have heard moms referring to "a spanking" here and there, but when you read between the lines, I find out that 'spanking' consitutes for quite different things in different peoples houses. For some, it means a small swat on the hiney, and vice versa for some it means going over a lap and using an implement to swat kids bottoms. I want to ask this question: what does "a spanking" in your house constitute? In my house, first and foremost 'a spanking' means 'bare bottom.' I will pick them up , pull down pants and put her over my knee. I spank around 3 or 4 times 'not very hard', only with my bare palm (not a spoon etc). After I spank, we will hug and make up, of course. Can you define what a spanking constitutes with your kids, if you do spank? (do you take down pants, put them over your lap or whatever...) I would love to hear your thoughts on this.
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    Hello! I am so sorry that you have to cope with it. It's good that we have this forum to talk and share our experience. How are you doing these days? Is everything OK?
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    Currently standing in my kitchen praying for you and your family!! I'll keep you in my prayers this week.
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    Hi Sunshyne, I'm Rachel! First time mom to a 6 month old girl and been married for almost two years now. I have always battled with my anxiety. I struggle to push myself to meet new people and let myself be know. It's hard. I'm getting better in small ways...but I don't think I'll ever be a social butterfly. With the pandemic and a 6 month year old...I'm not going anywhere either. You've definitely been through a lot these past few years. I hope we can find some love and support here. I think it's what we're all looking for. Thinking of you, Rachel
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    How about an advice forum?
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    My response is that you should honor her, and honor God with the way you dress and act. Not follow the crowd just to be "cool" or "relavent". Die to yourself and die to your flesh.
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    Only for serious offenses. Normal offenses are dealt with by time outs and loss of fun. For real crimes- ie, stealing, vandalizing, bullying other kids, being cruel to others on purpose, and so on, the rule is-one lick for every year of age, bare bottom, lying on the tummy, willow switch or wiffle ball bat. Depending on the level on contrition and repentence, there will be grounding or a second spanking after the bottom is healed completely from the first. I do not consider this abuse, because my stepfather would whip me with a whip.
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    I have two daughters Lauren 14 years old,and Sharon 10 years old. I do, give out spanking's to both girl's. For Lauren breaking curfew will result in her being spank-bare bottom- with my open hand. For Sharon being sassy,not cleaning her room,not completing her homework,... ect. Will result in her being spank-bare bottom-with my open hand. Lauren:I have used a ping-pong paddle on her bare bottom for lying.
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    I was trying to locate somethng on my Bro. in the Lord Veron Ashe and saw this wild commit about this Heather person not wanting to send money: This is a matter for the Kingdom people a unique love for our ministers that's not necessary to explaine" In case you are not sure I am speaking to the correct person here: : I'll say a pray for him but not sending money. I don't mean to be rude but the majority of posts in this topic are from people that joined and posted it the same time and it is their only posts. Then you ask for money...It makes me think you joined to promote your own agenda. I have a message board and I would have deleted this once it asked for money. I am insulted that you would come here and ask for money without getting to know anyone here. I'm not a mean person, but you can ask some of the members that have been here that I am straight forward and tell it like I see it. You haven't even introduced yourself to us.
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