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Transfered from other theard.
It is the book of practical Christian living. I read it, I understand it, but I am having a hard time trying to do it. It is like a block when it comes to doing it. I can do the simple stuff. Some of it is hard to just simply do. God says in his word be a doer of the word. In the summer I tried to get a break from school and most things. I am trying very hard to move forward with the reading, understanding and doing what James' is talking about. Surface stuff I see. I am praying for the depth of the word.
What is it really telling us to do? Knowing that I am complete in Christ I don't have an excuse. In Christ we can do all things. Sometime I get stressed just trying to implement God's plan in my life as it is told to me in his word. Sometimes I block things out, not intentional, but it just happen that way in the natural. So maybe there is something out there a book, or knowledge of someone who is living it. So where do I start, got any ideas.
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Father God we come to lift up this situation with the coronavirus.

Father God we pray for forgiveness of sin.

Father God your word says if we (your people) will humble, and pray you will heal the land.

Father God we look to you the Author and finisher of our faith.

Father God heal the minds of the people who are troubled.

Heal the ones who are feeling anxious.

Father deliver those who know not what to do or whom to call on.

Father God, heal and watch over the children, give them peace.

Father God for we are a nation of believer and we believe in you word and it is true.

Father God we pray this prayer in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen

 *****sorry the original post was deleted by accident. I trying to figure out how to use the new version*******
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