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What did you "take for granted" even just a few short weeks ago?
Many phrases and sayings like this - I've had to clarify with my children somewhere along the way. The most entertaining is since they are now adults, hearing what they thought something meant, and how they messed up the meaning and used it in the wrong way at some point.
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Pray for the Coronavirus Situation
Father God we come to lift up this situation with the coronavirus.

Father God we pray for forgiveness of sin.

Father God your word says if we (your people) will humble, and pray you will heal the land.

Father God we look to you the Author and finisher of our faith.

Father God heal the minds of the people who are troubled.

Heal the ones who are feeling anxious.

Father deliver those who know not what to do or whom to call on.

Father God, heal and watch over the children, give them peace.

Father God for we are a nation of believer and we believe in you word and it is true.

Father God we pray this prayer in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen

 *****sorry the original post was deleted by accident. I trying to figure out how to use the new version*******
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Welcome back...
Welcome to ChristianMom!

Celebrating 20 years of Online Fellowship, Friendship and Inspiration for Moms of all ages!

This site was started around Mother’s Day back in 2000. As the internet was gaining popularity, I said to my husband - we needed a place online, for Moms of faith to communicate, and support each other.

Thanks to my husband he helped me get the site up and running and the forum format was an easy way to organize topics of discussion and for us all to interact!

The online world has grown exponentially since then, along with all of our families. I spent many years featuring other writers, authors, bloggers and information on this site, all while never feeling like I quite had enough experience as a Mom to give any of my own advice! I learned through the years that we all have something to gain from each other when we are in the word together and sharing insights and encouragement covered in prayer. 

I’ve been part of amazing groups of women in regular bible study and these ladies have loved on me and helped shape who I am. They’ve taught me how to be a good friend, a good wife, a good mother, and how to grow in my faith. We’ve been part of many amazing churches through the years with passionate congregations and amazing leaders who’ve challenged us and taught us about real community and how grace and faith in God can reach just next door and around the world. We are so thankful!

In the middle of this most recent upgrade of this site, our world has taken an unimaginable turn, something we’ve all really only seen in movies or feared. I wake up every morning in shock, humbled and heartbroken, pushing fear to the bottom of my list and trying to make life as stable as it can be while we take care to stay at home. My heart and mind goes immediately to every individual and family who is in this nightmare first hand and every doctor and nurse who selflessly is giving every ounce of energy to care for those infected. I hope there might be a few who find this site a place of refuge and encouragement, and for those reasons I think for now, it’s worth continuing.

I am a wife of 27 years, mother of 3, mother-in-law to one, grandmother to one, and future mother-in-law to one. I have been richly blessed beyond more than I could have dreamed. I don’t have all the answers, but I will attempt to share and encourage you and also lead you to others who will also encourage you and lift you up.


- Carla

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Welcome to ChristianMom!

Celebrating 20 years of online fellowship, friendship and inspiration for Mom's of all ages. 

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