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  1. Hope everyone has a Happy Easter today! This will be the first year in many years, that I'm not playing trumpet on Chirch for run rise service... Instead, myself and ChristianMom will be playing our trumpets off the back deck for our neighbors to hear this morning! Hope to bring a little Easter to our neighbors this morning! (hope we don't wake them up....) Everyone stay safe & keep praying for others that are struggling -
  2. We just watched this movie again last evening. What a great movie and story. Worth watching again, if you’ve seen before.
  3. We've upgraded our review section, so you can easily add your favorite books & reviews that you read & watch. Join our ChristianMom Reviews forum and you can add your favorites. Click on "Start a New Topic", then click on the ThreadStarter icon (Black book or black movie) to search for your movie or book name. Or you can paste in the Amazon book link. Add your review, and then click on "post". I've added some screen shots to help you envision how to easily do.
  4. Do you know we've been online for 20 years now? We're in the process of upgrading the site to a modern forum & hosting. As we're upgrading the site, you'll see new features & ease of use for our ChristianMom's out there. Make sure to follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter), as we'll also be upgrading those channels also.
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