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  1. The Dollar Stretcher is a great site, but here are some ideas I use so that we get to treat ourselves AND still save money. 1. Look for deals at local restaurants - maybe where the kids eat free. It's a great treat for them and you (but limit these outings). 2. Summer time offers great specials - our local cinema offers free movies every summer. They may not be first releases, but it's a chance for the whole family to see something on the big screen. 3. Share with friends and family. If you are like we are, there are stair step kids in the family. We pass the clothes and shoes around so new ones aren't necessary. 4. Make a menu and make a shopping list from the menu. That way you know what your have to do for each meal, and you know exactly what you need from the store to make it happen. 5. Trade shopping lists with a friend. If someone else is following your list, it will definitely cut back on impulse buys. I know there is more, and I know I've written several articles about budgets (some of them you can see at my website), but let me know if you need more.
  2. I've written several articles about this very subject. It all comes back to clutter (in your home, in your schedule, etc). There is one, easy word that can fix it all. "NO!" Practice saying it over and over and eventually it will come out naturally. That said - others have already pointed this out, but you have to put God first, others second, and you first. The Proverbs 31 woman didn't have idleness because she didn't think to have it. If that makes sense.
  3. I LOVED the Weigh Down Workshop - lost 30 pounds in 12 weeks and kept it off for nearly 6 years (before I got pregnant again). I just finished reading "Kiss Dieting Goodbye" by Elliott Young. It's Christian, health oriented, and stresses making the better choices. Shamblin tells you that everything is okay in moderation - which is true. And that goes for most everything in our lives, but we have to make the "better" choices in order to push ourselves to that next level. The best part about Weigh Down is the love and support you get from the people around you. If you have that, then you can move mountains .
  4. It is possible to plan a great wedding on a small budget. It just takes some creative thinking and some focus. As for the debt issue, most of us have been there at some point and time. If you want us to help guide you to a working budget that will grow you to debt freedom, I'm sure there is more than enough wisdom in the group to help out.
  5. Welcome from a fellow southerner I'm in the heart of Dixie so we are practically neighbors. Welcome to the site. I'm not exactly new, but I have been silent for a while (quite a rarity if you ask my husband).
  6. I would love to start running again. Unfortunately, I'm just not to a place weight wise where I can. I do plan to start walking though. (btw - with each child, there are three now, I was blessed with added . . . um, bra sizes. If I were to run right now, I'd be blind before the end of the first lap)
  7. My husband went through something similar. He has his teaching certification in English and Drama (although Drama is his true love and gift). He had been a sub in one school system for two years as he looked for full time work. Three positions came open at that school (one in each grade). He had the most experience and was the only man who applied, but was passed over for all three positions. Later that month he went to interview at a school outside our county. While he was in the interview, he was asked if he would be interested in teaching Drama. "We see you have your drama certification." He's now over the drama department at that high school. God will always make a way. We just have to have our eyes open wide because you never know how it's going to come.
  8. What is the true cost Do you ever wonder who "they" is and just how the information is come by? I'm of a mindset that children really aren't all that expensive. Look at the cost you have when there is a new one added to the family. It's not much (if even it can even be noticed).
  9. I never was a huge gym fan - even when I was in shape to go to a gym. I like the freedom of home work outs, and now that I've gotten my home in order there is room to do them. The kids even join me on some days. I actually came to this thread because I was hoping it was going to talk about the physical curves. I got em and can't find NOTHING to wear because of them!
  10. I heard once that the majority of people are over weight because they chew to much. At first I was confused (after all, aren't you suppose to chew your food 40 times before swallowing?) then I realized it was about eating when I wasn't hungry. So I quit. I was fine for awhile, but then I began to skip meals (not on purpose) and I would just make it up at the next chance. Now I'm back to eating 5 - 7 small "snacks" a day. I eat a piece of wheat toast (sometimes with honey) and a glass a grapefruit juice first thing every morning. Then every 2 1/2 to 3 hours, I eat again. Sometimes it's just some cheese and a few crackers, sometimes it's a turkey salad. I'm trying to increase my protein intake to help build muscles. I keep the meals (snacks) small - even when eating out with the family - and then my stomach is always growling again by the 3 hour mark.
  11. I can tell you about two books that helped me get on my way to weight loss after my second child "Thin Within" and "The Weighdown Diet". I lost about 30 lbs in 12 weeks and kept it off (until my third child - but that's another story ). The key is to only eat when you feel physically hungry (usually that means your stomach growls). Hope that helps some. I'm in the process of dropping new baby (although he's a year old now) weight myself. I just seems the older I get, the harder the weight tries to hold on. Good luck all.
  12. What do you WANT to do? I don't know about Christy, but I've gotten some ideas. I'm a freelance writer, and I've just recently started making a decent income (probably comparable to outside of the home if you deducted daycare, commuting expenses, and what not) writing for different sites online. I started VERY slow and after a few months had built a reputation that helps me get jobs. If sales are not your thing, then help us guide you on your way by letting us know what kind of things you are interested in.

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