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  1. Tracy, nice to meet you! Welcome to the forum here. I have 3 boys ages 10, 13 & 14.
  2. I love fruit...and enjoy a huge fruit smoothie every morning. I HIGHLY recommend you ladies to read, "Perfect Health: The Natural Way" by Mary-Ann Shearer...it's really life-changing. In fact, it would make the perfect Christmas gift to your friends and relatives. I just recently added the book on my Kindle.
  3. Hope you're doing well with homeschooling. My kids are learning geography this year for the states...but sometimes we use the internet to do further research and view pictures on other areas and countries. I assign one of my boys to be my "helper" of the day and they help me in the kitchen...this gives me some one on one time with each of them and, plus, they can learn some skills too. We try to plan a trip every nine weeks, so we just recently went to the zoo and had a really great time!
  4. Christi, I just want to put my two-cents in -- there are many genuine opportunties to work from home, but you want to do thorough research before joining any business...get other people's opinion, make sure other's haven't been scammed, etc. Educate yourself about marketing -- it takes work but it's not impossible to learn. Also, most business opportunities will require a small investment..you can save up if you really find one that you really are interested in. It always helps to try their products and services first to make sure you have a genuine enthusiasm for the quality -- this will shine through as you market your business. Above all -- before making a choice -- you want to determine what really interest you the most -- what your talents are. You can start your own business as well (tutoring -- if you liked that suggestion). There's no limit to possibilities.
  5. Hi Dawn, I just joined today. I saw your post...and it brought me back in time. I really gained debt with my first business endeavor online. The thing is that you learn alot along the way...unfortunately sometimes you learn the hard way --- but you really gain some wisdom along the way too. I admire you so much for writing everyone and doing your best to make it right. Way to go!

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