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  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear they couldn't do much for him. (((hugs))) Continuing to cover you and yours in prayer.
  2. Praying for your family in this time of grief.
  3. Hey mama! {{{hugs}}} I'm not a single mom, but I'm definitely a sister in Christ. Praying you through this rough patch in your life.
  4. PTL that He has brought you and yours to a new home!! Still nowhere to go for us, I'm afraid. Things are tight here, but I'm sure that with God, we'll make it.
  5. Geez Laurie, you're starting to sound like me and that's not good! Praying for ya, sister.
  6. Hey Jen, Just checking to see how you're doing. I didn't see your due date anywhere, so for all I know (and I'm the queen of being totally oblivious lately) this link may be too late, but a friend found a link to a great birth plan if you're still interested. http://www.earthmamaangelbaby.com/birth_plan.html Still praying for you, and hoping all is well.
  7. My mom has been coming to church with us for a few months now, basically ever since I got baptized. She's seen Jay accept the Lord, our kids grow in faith (especially Elliot) and seen my aunt return to Christ. I'm sure I've talked about how bitter and full of anger my mom is, right? Part of that started when her mom died. My mom was just 6 yrs old at the time. Well, yesterday, Mom accepted Jesus! And she can't stop praising Him for taking her bitterness! I was floored to see her crying out to God, begging His forgiveness for her years of hating Him for taking her mom away. I always suspected it all started there, but now I know. I told her when she dropped us off after church, just a real casual, "Now you know it's never too late to come back to God. He never really is far from us." She hugged me tight, still crying, and asked me to forgive her. Just wow. Praising Him for more miracles! I NEVER thought I'd see my mom accept Christ!
  8. We've always been poor. Jay especially has always felt it best to have me home with the kids. When we first moved here, it was HUD subsidized. When the then-landlord paid off his mortgage, they had to issue us all Section 8s because none of us could afford market rent. That's how we got it. Jay has been working on getting us off of welfare, but it's a process not a jump into the fire proposition. He is currently a manager at Burger King, works 70 hours a week, and yes, unbelieveably, we still qualify for assistance. Prior to getting our Section 8, we'd been evicted 3 times. We were homeless from August 2002 until February 2003. So, in my eyes, the Section 8 means stability. It means not being on the streets. Now we do not have a choice but for me to return to full time employment. With Elliot entering kindy next year, we will have to find a daycare for him for the rest of the day til I get home from work. This is all assuming we can even find another place to live. If you do not feel comfortable praying for us, I won't be offended. I knwo how people view those of us who're "on the dole". I did go to church today, and feel like God had a word for me, but am still terrified and lost as to where we go from here.
  9. With all the utter wackiness lately, my days have been all off. I screwed up in the worst possible way, and forgot today was the 6th. That meant we were unprepared for our Section 8 inspection and failed. This was our final shot at passing. As of today, we lost our Section 8 and are being officially evicted. Now, that means we're at about 90% certainty of being homeless again. Jay and I have been at each others throats today, and cannot come to an agreement as to what to do. I'm *thisclose* to screaming in frustration and fear. If that wasn't bad enough, I have this sinking feeling that this is God's punishment for my deliberate disobediance of Him about 3 days ago. While it's not a direct correlation, the intense feeling and "almost-knowledge" is there. I don't know what to do, ladies. Please just keep Jay and the kids in prayer. Thanks.
  10. Praying. Update us as soon as you know more, dear sister.
  11. Oh wow. A part of our history as a fellowship...gone... On a side note, no luck on an apartment as of yet. Since I have called everything listed in the paper, I think it's time to wait a week or so, pray hard, and try again.
  12. My mom works with a nurse who is from the Phillipines and goes there regularly. I can have her ask him what he knows, if that helps. Other than that, I'm praying for you as you search.
  13. Momofateen, I was reading that very psalm this morning. Also Psalm 9. Hmmm, guess my sock-monster has decided threads would be much tastier. The apartment viewing went well. It was perfect beyond my dreams. I do not know if we'll get it, but one can pray. In the mean time, we'll keep looking. Thank you all again for your prayers. I covet them greatly. God bless!

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