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  1. Not sure if you have an introductions forum or not? Maybe my eyes just aren't working today LOL I'm from New Zealand. Married in February last year and we have 2 wonderful girls. Oldest is 2 1/2 youngest is 4 months. I don't have a lot of time anymore to really be an active member so please forgive me if I am not around much. I will try to find at least 15-30 minutes each day but some days I just don't get a break. I know you can relate!
  2. Hi I'm new here. I have had two kids so far and I have decided that an epidural wouldn't have been necessary in my situation. My midwife tried to tell me second time around that I would need an epidural but I did it without. I did have Pethidine though. And I used the gas mask the second time round. But I think we all handle pain differently. I've only heard bad things about epidurals so I never wanted one ... and I am terrified of having a needle stuck in my spine! There wasn't really an option for me on the poll so I went with the second one. I think the only time I'll ever have an epidural is if they have to do a C Section. In the end I think every mother has the right to decide what she wants since she is the one delivering the baby!

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