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    I have 3 beauitful daughters and one handsome husband, we live on a dairy farm and teach our oldest to drive


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    cooking, reading, running (trying to get faster) for a 5k race in April, knitting (kinda), crocheting, gardening, spending time with my family


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    full time mom and work parttime on our farm
  1. Books HAve you tried your public library. You can go to the library and request books that you want to read and they should be able to get them for you. This is what I do.
  2. Spring has sprung here!!!! I have been out getting my gardens and flower beds ready to roll and havwe also started mowing my yard. The best thing is that I can now get out in do my runs in SHORTS and a T SHIRT!!!! YEAH!!!!! It is so nice not being weighed down w/ heavy workout clothes. Now I just have to be ready for my 1st 5k race of the season at the end of MAY!! I cna run one jsut about every weekend there are so many that sceduled. It is hard to pick and choose! Have a wonderful spring everyone.!!!
  3. SNOW!! It is that white stuff that sticks to the ground. We have been hit w/ a blizzard here. It has been great sled riding for the kids and us, but it sucks when I have been trying to get out and run for my 5k at the beginning of April. I haven't seen a snow storm here like this since Christmas a couple of years ago. So since we have the weekend off we are snowed in. Lots of family time, games, old movies, junk food (maybe) but don't tell the kids that. So you all have a great day!!!!
  4. Has spring fever hit any of you? It was beauitful yesterday. I was able to get a 5k run/walk in yesterday and got up this a.m. and it was freezing rain. I keep checking out side so I can get another run in but now it is waiting time. I can see the changes that are going here and am really glad that SPring has almost opened it door. What do you all do to combat "Spring Fever"??
  5. I feel for YOU!! We are experiencing spring fever here!!! Ia m so ready for spring so bad and am sick of snow. Here in OHIO the weather for the month of Feb. goes up and down. I have been trying to train for a 5k race at the beginning of April and the weather isn't cooperating w/ me. I was able to run in shorts at the end of January because it hit the temps in the upper 60's then it got cold. SO I FEEL FOR YOU!! No I don't have a treadmill becuae I would get very bored running in one place. SO PLEASE SEND SPRING!!
  6. Today we finally got a snow day!!! The whole county and city schools in our county has closed for the day!! I love these days, so this household is happy and it will be a oldie tv shows dvd, today!!!
  7. I just wanted to wish everyone a Hapy New Year. I haven't been on much because things have been hectic here. Now that it is a new year, I am going to try and slow down and enjoy things. I did that this morning. It is cold, sunny and snowy here in my part of the Ohio. BUT I put on the running shoes and took the dogs for a 2 mile walk. I listened to music and enjoyed the beauty of the snow. It is so easy to forget that God made this snow and it is like looking at perfection in the whiteness and glitteryness of the snow. Have a Happy New Year all and a Happy Thursday!!!! mama5k aka Stacey:D
  8. Merry Christmas Ladies!!!! I just wnated to wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS. I don't have to d anything until tomorrow. It is my deviled eggs. So I get to relax today w/ the girls and watch a little tv, listen to music and just relax!!!! YEAH!!! Have a God Blessed day today and tomorrow!!! All!! [Mama5k/SIZE]
  9. As many of you know, I live on a dairy farm. Sometime last night and early this morning we had 3 calves get out. This does happen. Here is my pray request, we found the one up at the neighboring farm, but the other 2 aren't anywhere. We had 4-wheelers out today looking, walking the fields and talking to neighbors. These calves our future because they were heifers. I know that God knows where they are at and He is watching over them,but I still feel bad about this. Please pary for a spirit of peace down upon us and that these calves come home. Thank You!!! Stacey aka mama 5k
  10. Yeah, it is normal, I know that when mine were a lot younger I felt completely lost at "just being a mom". I started praying that GOd show me what he wants me to do and I started looking at things that I liked and I also started looking at my hearts' desire and dreams. Just starting writing things down and excitment will hit you as to how this goes. God bless!!! You are O!K! Stacey
  11. My youngest daughter has turned 13 today. I now have 3 teen daughters in my house. How is that they are getting older and I am not!!! LOL:D When I look at my girls, God has blessed me tremendously!!! I have a hard time describing them because they are such good girls! I just had to share this because I am a prud mom of these girls and my husband and I have done a good job so far!!! Praise God for that!!! Especially in today's society. I just had to brag, so please forgive me if this offends anyone! Stacey:D
  12. First of all don't panic.!!! I know easier said then done. I have gotten one almost thru high school and 2 in middle school. Math was my stress facture w/ my girls. Maybe spelling is your stress facture that you butt heads w/. My oldest and I would fight over the math and she would cry. After finally getting it my husband is the math helper and I do the spelling english etc. Watch how you are helping her and maybe see how she is handling it. Maybe she is getting upset at school and brings it home and takes it out on you. Just take it a day at a time!!! Try helping w/ algebra 2, accel english, accel spanish, etc. DON'T STRESS!!!!
  13. Hi to all of you that have recently joined Christian moms. This is one great forum and I wnated to let you all know what a great bunch of ladies that we have here. They are great prayer warriors and have had some good advice and scriptures when needed. I usually try to welcome each one, but things here have been hectic. 3 teenager girls, sports, etc!!!! LOL SO Welcome and HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!!! Stacey:)
  14. Hi there ladies!! I know that I haven't been posting that often but I have been busy kids, etc. Well I twisted my knee monday am on a run w/ the dogs and now I can't run for 4-6 weeks!!!! DARN!! This really sucks because the weather is starting to change here and i love enjoying the colors and smells. So now I have to get creative w/ my exercising!!! I had a big old pity party for myself for a couple of days then I realized that I can get some books read, clean out some drawers and get rid of those clothes that don't fit any more!!!! They just have happen to get to big!!! I guess that means a SHOPPING TRIP!!!!!!! So great job to all of you that have been posting and keep up the great work!!! Mama5k
  15. All right I see you on and I waited the in the chat room for 10 minutes!!! Where are you??? LOL:D

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