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  1. I'm 32 (last week) have 5 kids, ages 15 months up to 11.5 years old....I really enjoy my life, and want to be around for a long time. Here's my issue...like I said, I'm only 32, and I feel so young to have the health issues that I do. Maybe I'm just completely self focused...I know others have it way worse than I do, but I find myself down in the dumps lately, and confused. I have a kidney disease. My kidneys function fine right now, but who knows what will happen in the years to come. Beacause of this disease, I have borderline high blood pressure, Extremely HIGH cholesterol, and my blood has the potential to over clot. Because of these things, I'm taking blood pressure meds( this helps lower my blood pressure, but also improves kidney function), plus 2 cholesterol meds, and blood thinners....for life! That's not including all the supplements I take either. My mom made a comment to me the other day saying " you need to get off all that crap! You're hurting your body!" I hate being on all this, but I'm scared that if I don't, I could have a heart attack prematurely, or my kidney's will eventually fail, and I want to be around for a long time! I'm not overweight, I try to walk regularly, and I do have a healthy diet, and it's not enough for me because of my kidney disease...it makes it worse. I feel like I'm in sin being on all these meds....am I? I'm just really confused right now, and feel like a complete and total loser. My doctors told me that if I didn't start getting my cholesterol numbers down, I could be looking at a heart attack at 45. What do I do? Is it wrong for Christians to be on meds? At church today, my pastor said that sorcery comes from the word pharmakea sp?, which is where we get our word pharmacy ....if this is sin and an abomination, then am I in sin taking meds that I get at the pharmacy?
  2. I love these responses!!! You gals here are all so awesome. I'm very thankful for this website! My DH and I are having fun, and I find it's making me love him more. I feel more emotionally connected or something? Sounds strange...I feel like I wanna snuggle with him more and just be near him more. Is this weird?
  3. I don't want to offend anyone here whatsoever.....but I have some real questions about sex in our marriages. What do you think is forbidden in the marriage? Some are obvious, I know...such as porn, and adultery. But is it okay to expirament with eachother? I hope I don't get in trouble for posting this on here...but didn't know who else to ask. This isn't something I feel comfortable asking my pastor, ya know? Again, everyone, please don't get offended at my post. I'm not a pervert. Just want to have fun with my husband
  4. I can't even begin to fathom (sp?) what you're going thru....and yet you seem so comforted. Our GOD is amzing. You're precious baby girl is in the arms of a loving savior! God bless you and strengthen you every step of the way dear one......
  5. I've been convicted lately of being overwhelmed with everything lately! All my fault....I'm not good at being organized, and when I get free time I am very selfish. I haven't been in the word lately...thank GOD He helps change our ways! HAYDENSFUNKYMOM...I love his hair in his pic! SOOO cute!
  6. Alicia, Justina, Acacia....This is fun! I'm gonna try to think of more (:
  7. I feel like God wants me to go the public route, looking at all our personal circumstances. I just don't get how some people are convicted to do one thing, and another person is convicted to do the opposite!!!Drives me nuts! If we follow the same God, why does God convict 2 different people with 2 different views?
  8. My first 2, I had sleep issues with. The next 3 were cake. Are you following a rigid feeding schedule during the day? A lot of moms may disagree with me, but I would discourage a rigid nursing schedule during the day. My 1st two, I was pretty strict about nursing at only certain times during the day to try to get them on a schedule. They were horrible at night!!! The next 3, I nursed them whenever they needed during the day, and they did awesome at night....They started sleeping thru the night at about 3 weeks. It's hard with your 1st baby. You've never done this before, plus your hormones are everywhere, and your sleep deprived. Other people will give you all sorts of advice. It will pass. Enjoy your baby boy while he's a newborn...it goes so quick! Don't be afraid to try different things either. What works for one person, may not work for you and your little guy...
  9. This is such a wonderful site to get advice and encouragement! I'm glad you found it...God bless (:
  10. Thank you all for your support,comments and prayers. I already feel much better!!! I will make sure that I am always praying for them and their school. God Bless you all....
  11. Are magnet schools the same as charter schools? I have looked into those and am in the process of putting them on the waiting list, because they're full. I have considered homeschooling. I would like to in a few years, but right now don't feel ready. I feel very overwhelmed with tthe other 3 children. My youngest just turned 1, and the other 2 boys are 2 1/2 and 4 1/2. They are very busy and overwhelming, and feel like I wouldn't be able to give the older two enough attention to ensure a good education. I may just be a whimp!!! I don't know....
  12. Here's my issue. I have 5 kids. The older two are in a private christian school that I love. My oldest has been in that school for 6 years, and the other one has been there for only one year, and that was kindergarten. We also have ALOT of medical debt, and we're trying to pay it off before we move into our next home so we won't be strapped and feeling like we're always running from creditors. With that said, DH felt the best thing would be to put the 2 girls in public school this year so we won't have to pay a very high tuition, and can put that money towards the debt. He feels that's the best thing for our family, and that's what God would have us do under the circumstances. I am submitting to that because he's my husband and that's what I'm called to do, but I'm having a hard time accepting it. I'm afraid they're going to be corrupted by going to public school!! I don't want to affend anyone here, I think i'm being ignorant. Please pray for me, and if anyone has any thoughts or advice...please share!!!!!! They are excited about starting a new school, and they both will be in elementary.
  13. Hi there... I'm sorry you feel this way.....I wouldn't even think divorce, unless he is being unfaithful. Read Matthew 5:31-32, and Mark 10:5-12. Not only would it grieve GOD, but I'm sure would be very hard and confusing for your child. I would say to keep praying for GOD to help you and focus completely on THE LORD in all that you do, and HE will give you the strength and love for your husband. It's amazing how we change when we focus on GOD and doing HIS will. We just have to surrender ours. I hope this helps... Michelle
  14. I was just curious how many mom's in Colorado..... besides me!

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