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    I have two children at home, age 14 and 22mos. I am currently layed off from work, and I am really enjoying being home with my kids.


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    reading, music


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    layed off (construction)
  1. Geri

    simple joy~

    A hug and kiss out of nowhere from one of my girls!!!!! My husband cooking dinner. Best of all getting a quiet moment alone with God!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. AMEN!!!!!! Yes I do feel blessed by being a working mom! God has provided a way for me to help contribute financially to our family and I too love the greetings I get when I come home each day. Dinner each evening is when we all connect! It's great!!!! I'm very blessed and thankful that God always provides a way!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Geri


    Will keep her in my prayers!!!!!! This is a very hard thing to go through. I've been where she is. Let her know we are praying for her!!!!!!!
  4. Praying for you Dawn!!! Glad to here you are a little better!! Great idea on the house rules!! I know my daughter sure wouldn't want me following her around at school!!!! LOL
  5. Welcome!!!!! There are a lot of wonderful ladies here!!!!!!! I think you'll feel at home!!
  6. Praying Stacey!!!!!!!!
  7. Dawn, Kenny is at the top of my prayer list!!!! I think about you both often and when I do prayers go up!!!!! Love to you my sister and thank you so much for keeping us posted!!!!
  8. How beautiful!!!!!!!!! Isn't that what we strive for? That the people around us would see Jesus in our lives. PTL!!!!!!!!! Praise Him on Most High!!!!!!!!! It's so awesome to here how He works in other people's lives!!!!!!!!!! PRAISE GOD , PRAISE GOD, PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Happy Easter to all my sisters in Christ!!!! Thank you dear God for loving us that much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!B]
  10. Praise His HOLY Name!!!!!! Isn't it so humbling!!!!! It brings me to my knees, where I should be!! Amen? We are so unworthy of that kind of love, and I feel the need to earn that love. His AMAZING LOVE!!!!!! Thank you secondchance for posting!!!!
  11. Still Praying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Lord for taking care of this family!
  12. One of my favorites!!!!!!!!!!!! Because HE Lives God sent his Son They called him Jesus He came to love He planned to forgive He gave and he died To buy my pardon An empty grave is there To prove My Savior lives CHORUS: And because he lives I can face tomorrow Because he lives All my fear is gone Because I know He holds the future And life is worth the living Just because he lives And then one day I’ll cross that river I’ll fight life’s final war today And then his death gives way to victory I’ll see the lights of glory And I’ll know he reigns
  13. Lord God, I lift this dear woman up to you this very moment!!! Father I pray for health, her healing and for your awesome touch. Touch her and her child right where they are Lord. Ease her pain, Lord and touch her body. Give these doctors the know how they need to take care of her and her precious child. Father, be with this whole family, comfort them and give them strength. Thank you Father for your amazing touch and healing! We love you Lord!! In Jesus' Mighty Name I pray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Thank you dear Lord, for knowing our needs even before we do! Thank you Father for answered prayer and the unanswered ones also. God you know us better than we know ourselves, you even know the number of hairs on our heads. Lead us dear God in the directions you want us to go. We want only to do your will, God!!!! We love you Lord!!! May only you dear God, be glorified in our lives!!!!!!!! In Jesus' sweet HOLY name I pray!!!!! He is an AWESOME GOD!!!!!! Love to you abc!!!!!!!!
  15. Praise the Lord Dawn!!! So glad they got the stick the first time and with less pain. Your husband and you are at the top of my prayer list dear sister.

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