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  1. thank you....i just recieved a sister-in-law....i hope that this advice will go on to her in the same way it did me. Made me think of all my friends.
  2. carolsarah15 ---carol is part of my real name carolynn and when i set up all my email stuff i was talking to a great friend name sarah and 15 is my track (when i was in high school) and favorite number. That is how i got my name.
  3. It is called a kid leash, you can get them at walmart. People are so wrong anymore.
  4. hi when i married my husband i didn't love him like a couple in love. We were only friends that was tired of being alone. I also took him everyday that he was the geek that i wouldn't date or go out with. Then i realized all the things he did and does for me and how much he cared for me. Selfish but another reason was he wanted to be the dad to my oldest child. He has never hurt her or i and that is what i was looking for. Out way the positives more then the negatives. See his pluses, pray and open up your heart. See what happens, love is a choice with your mind not your heart lust is with your heart not your mind.
  5. hi quennie, today was a day of running...my brother got married,all 5 family members were in it. It was a long day. I will remember the soaking trick when i have another stay on a shirt. Well i am exhausted and my typing is getting worse. Talk to you later Carolynn
  6. thanks goodmom of 3 Last night at work wasn't to bad.
  7. They found her no one took her she was still wondering in the area. She went down by the river though instead of staying in the woods. Praise the Lord she was found safe. Thanks for your prayers.
  8. I grew up in this little town. The family is up on a big hill where their is a lookout for the town and it is a state park. Please please pray they find her. She has been missing since 6pm last night. Her name is Sammy and today is the last day of school for her. Pray that she will be back to school. Pray for her family that is dealing with this. Carolynn
  9. Yes, their is possitives about working outside the home but what if you are going back to high school by working in a nursing home? Where i work it is all about the gossip and the back stabbing that the nurses do to each other. I work the night shift it is getting hard on the family. Working different shift then also not having every weekend off. Anyway i do know both ends of the spectrum. I am glad that some are happy to go to work. I was but now i see that i need to be home.
  10. I can eat any chip and dip that way too.
  11. thinking of you in time hopefully Kenny will have new lungs soon. carolynn
  12. 150 is what i was when i first found out i was pregnant with my 11 year old. When i graduated high school i was 140-145. talk to ya later...
  13. Thank you all for your prayers....

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