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  1. Mai


    Actually, this year i didnt have any! Usually i sneak some the kids chocolates but i havent had the urge (good for me who's got some shorts to fit into this summer!!) The person below me could use a hug today, so here's one from me!! (picture a hug if you can!)
  2. As yes, the good old days of television! The Flinstones at lunchtime, The SuperFriends and Speed Buggy, Josie and the Pussy Cats! Spiderman! As for movies i love Rogers and Hammerstein: Oklahoma!
  3. Thanks for the prayer, ABC!
  4. I have learned that to a large extent many people come into our lives, and we into theirs, for just a moment in time. I have often wondered why i've had friendships, for example that didnt go beyond certain point, and felt like it was because of me, i did too much or not enough. But a good friend once told me that we come into some peoples lives for a season, god had us cross paths either for their benefit or our own. We influence them or they influence us. And if the time comes where we no longer have contact, we are take what we have gained from the expericence or knowing this person, whether it was positive or negtive and learn from it and perhaps apply what you've learned to another expericne. As the others have said, you did what god wanted you to do, you've encouraged this person or that to stay strong in a moment of weakness. The next step may be someone else's.
  5. Our house is only two years old so it's in pretty good shape. But i've never lived in a new house before so i'm shocked at how quickly cracks start to show up in corners and the seal around the counter top detaches! A house needs a lot of maintainance to keep it strong and looking good! Kind of like us when you think about it!!
  6. Mai

    simple joy~

    Hi guys! Hope you all had a great Easter weekend! I've had a nasty cold since Friday, but i managed to enjooy the weekend. Simple joy for me is seeing my kids helping each other instead of fighting--like when my son helps his sisters buckle up in the van without being asked, or when the girls comfort each other when one of them gets hurt.
  7. That's French for Happy Easter! Before i sign off i just want to wish all of you ladies a very blessed Easter Weekend! Hosanna in the highest!! Mai
  8. Take the lead is it just the 3 of you doing this? i could take one, perhaps next week, cause this weekends kind of busy? let me know if i can and how to do it. mai
  9. Mai


    Friday fast anybody here fast on Good Friday? At my church we do, but i've not done it because, well, i was hungry and thought more about myself than the task at hand. i also get kind of nauseas if i dont eat for a while in the morning. but this year i'm gonna try. i feel like i should.
  10. play on sounds good. im always up for bible study.
  11. Be gone! My seas are the feelings of loneliness, and frustration with certain elements of my life. i am working on dealing with anger by prayer and writing it out instead of having hotheaded confrontations. My sea is feeling like i give and give and give and seem not to get back in return. My sea sometimes calls me to jump in.... But i try to sing to my self words of encoragement because i have found that in those moments of darkness u cant always find help from outside. that's the tine u call a freind and no ones home and u have to look into your heart and soul and cry unto the lord " i need u now! because my strentgh is failing" I'm in that sea now and i've been calling out, loud! so thanx for this post because its one more outlet for me. pleas pray for me. mai
  12. Have another?? My first pregnancy was very difficult and i swore i wouldnt have more. And my hubby left me alone, until the day i decided i felt okay about doing it again. The third was a surprise. You are the one carrying the baby so you have to feel right about the timing. What makes your situation tricky is that your husband doesnt want more. Bringing a baby intothat situation spells disaster. How many do you have now? Could you be satisfied with the number you have? Why do you want more--is it because you just want more or you have boys and want a girl? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself and discuss with your spouse. And of course pray for guidance and clearheadedness. Mai
  13. What to do When i have free time i check up on my e-mail, catch up with you guys, read, watch a little tv. I've been longing for ages to get back into my hobbies but my free time is not free enough. Before i was married i used to write stories and poetry, and draw. I've tried painting--not portraits--you know those little ceramic angels or wooden crafts. I thought it was simple enough, relaxing and not too time consuming. But still, i just dont have the time to get started. For exercise, well, it's mainly walking. It gets me some time to myself out of the house and i feel good when i go far, really get a workout. mai
  14. When i get there.... I hope to recognize people! I miss my grandparents... but i actually look forward to sitting and talking with the people like David and Ruth. Imagine, getting their perspective on the events we read about! Mai
  15. Tell it like it is! Satan's got no ground to stand on with this group!

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