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  1. To me and my family it is just a part of the decorating for the celebration of Jesus's Birthday! I mean think about all the decorations we put up for our children's birthday parties. We feel we should do even more for Jesus's Birthday!Our minister explained it that Jesus died on a tree that turned out to become a "Beautiful" one. So now as we remember Jesus on his Birthday, we decorate with a Beautiful tree. Everyone has there one beliefs. It's whats in your heart at Christmas that counts. Jesus is the reason for the season!!!!
  2. For some reason, my kids and I love the show. I guess it's amazing to us the extreme things people will do for money. I don't see any harm in watching it as long as it's not scaring the kids. It does get pretty discusting at times that's for sure. It's a better show than some I must say!
  3. How Romantic!!!! I think that would be a great and sweet thing to do. A wedding truely brings out the love between a husband and a wife. And how great to include your children in such a great and glorious day. I think your idea is absolutely fantastic!!!! May God bless you everyday!
  4. There's Hope! God will never leave you or forsake you! He adores His children ans He loves and protects them at all times. It sounds like God has lead you out of this horrible relationship. It also sounds like He has protected you and your daughter from any serious physical harm. For this, you need to be Thankkful. God has a plan for you and your daughter. Just never let go of God! Keep praying for your daughters Father, but let God take him now and let him go. God will continue to bless your life if you make him the focus of your life . Keep strong for your daughter, she needs you "In ALL things God works for the GOOD of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose." Rom.8:28 Never give up Hope, God is only a prayer away. I will pray for you and for God to bless you as you continue to do His will.
  5. Paper?? I have the same situation at my house. I, too, have my oldest in 1st grade and my middle girl in pre-school. We have papers galore!!!For my 1st grader we have a folder that I keep all her work papers in. It is seperated by month. So I 3-hole punch papers weekly and organize them that way. My preschooler is a different story. We put her papers on a shelf and in her desk drawer. Then about every couple weeks I go through and weed out the most important papers. The larger sized papers fit well in the desk drawers and on the shelves. I also let them pick out some of their most favorite work and "display" it. The bigger projects work best for this. They love having Mama hang their work. So hang in there! Your definantly not alone in your pile of papers!!!
  6. Amanda~ I understand your views on Halloween and I DO know what Halloween was in the past. It was called a "Hollowed Evening". And I do also understand that Halloween was originated as a Pegan Holiday. BUT.......I do not believe that God is upset or hurt with our children innocently dressing up and prasing God for our beautiful Harvest! Have you ever read the parable of the pumkin? The book talks about a farmer planting a seed, growing and harvesting and finally letting your light shine the love of Jesus to the world. Do you think God would be upset with that interpretation of that parable? I DON'T!!! I believe God gives us as Christians other choices and opportunities to turn a Evil Holiday into a celebration of His Goodness. I believe God can be honored and praised even if this holiday may have started and originated as an EVIL holiday! I do not let my children trick or treat, and they have also been taught that Holloween is an Evil Holiday celebrated my the people who are not Christians. I do let them dress up( in innocent cute costumes) and we go to our church and celebrate the goodness of Friends and family and the wonderful things God has created for us!!! We celebrate God and the Harvest NOT Halloween!
  7. I have been really challenged lately with losing weight. I just cannot get motivated to get done what I know I need to do. I really want to lose about 20lbs, not a lot, but enough to look much healthier than I do. I have really been convicted lately to get my spiritual life in line as much as my health. So, I have been trying to get up early every morning and have a bible study and then work-out, but I just can get consistant with it. What do you lovely ladies suggest? I'm not a very patient person either, so I have been struggling with no "instant" changes. Please pray for me as I WILL continue to work through this battle. Does anyone else struggle with this same situation? What do some of you do to keep healthy and eat well? Thanks in advance for your advice!
  8. Godzzgurl


    I agree! We decided when our children were babies that we were not going to celebrate Hoildays with lies. So we have tried really hard to teach our children the truth. Therefore, we have taught them that Santa and the Easter Bunny are not real. Christmas is Jesus's Birthday and not at all about some fat guy in a red suit. We do have little stockings we put up, but our kids know the gifts inside are from Mom and Dad. It's crazy how our society has made up so many lies about our holidays. It's sad to me how the lies are directly related to our children as innocent fun. I pray the truth will shine in our land someday soon!
  9. When I was a kid we used to always dress up and go to my grandmother's church Harvest party. We loved it! So, now I want the same for my children. We don't celebrate Halloween.......we celebrate Harvest and the beginning of fall. I want my children to experience the fun and innocence of dressing up and seeing their friends and family. We will attend a "Celebrate Creation" Party at the christian Pre-school my daughter attends. My children are so excited and just to see the joy in them is worth it for me. I do believe "Halloween" is an evil Holiday, and I am teaching my children that very thing.
  10. Thank You!! Thank You so much for all your insightes on traveling husbands. I appriciate it so much. God had totally blessed our family and marriage since my husband started long hauling. He has taken care of all our needs and we are so Thankful. It is very tough being apart, but were hangin in there. When I get down I really try to think of how much more difficult this is on my husband. I get the luxuary of friends and family whenever I need them. He is alone. I pray for him lots, daily. Thank You, again, for all your help! May God bless you!
  11. I agree with Kim. I feel if you leave everytime your child acts up, you are letting their behavior win. As a parent we need to teach our kids that we need to act right in public not just leave everytime things get out of hand. As for me, I have 3 children and if one of them act up I take them to the restroom and take care of the problem with a spank or talking depending on the problem. What I have learned is that it only takes a couple times of "going to the restroom" and my child knows the rules about how to act in public. I do also have my 2 year old sit in timeout. My children have to fold their and and sit facing the back of the chair. My 2 year old does well and understands his punishment. Discipline is hard, consistancy is the key!!!!
  12. Movies? I took my 2 yr. old to see Spirit! He loved it and did great. I agree that being in the dark usually keeps them close to mom. Also having that huge big screen really keeps their attention. Be sure to bring little snacks or get popcorn because that hold thir attention as well. Good luck!
  13. Welcome! Welcome to the site! I love it! I hope you enjoy it as well! May God bless you in all you do!
  14. Ok I am just curious as to how many of you women have traveling husbands? My husband has just recently become a long haul truck driver. He's a new driver so he needs the experience. It is hard on me the most!! I just miss him so much. I guess I never realized how much I depended on him until he was gone. Our prayer is for him only to long haul for a year until he can get something locally. Do any of you stuggle with your DH being out of town? Let me know! I'll definantly pray for you, because I am learning to understand how much at this time I need to rely on God and prayer!
  15. Thank You!! I just wanted to Thank all of you for your advice. You are right, boys are slow at potty training! I have gotten my son to keep his diaper on for now. I guess when he's ready we'll try again on the potty training. He's the baby, so I'm sure he'll take his own sweet time. Oh well, I guess I'll just enjoy it while I can! Thanks again, for all your advice!

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