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    I am married and have 2 daughters. They are 31/2 yrs. and 8 months. I have been married for 8 years. I was raised in a christian home, and am very determined to do the same for my girls.


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  1. You know what, I was not judging anyone, and it does not matter whether anyone was raised in a christian home. People do things no matter how they were raised, so don't you dare think for minute that because I was raised in a christian home, that I think I am better than anyone here! So a statement was made that didn't sit well with some, does that mean people have to get vicious with one another?! NO!
  2. I know health pros have to have it, I have several friends inthe field. She just means that we would not have a need for the shot if people weren't sleeping around and passing it around or doing other things to pass it on. I know it's not just tranmitted though sex. Didn't mean to cause a problem!
  3. We just heard a sermon about something close to this. How we are even too busy to pray and spend time in the word. How we have all these "things" in society that have been made to supposedly make our lives easier, but really they are making things crazy. (and us) He talked about how we try to sqeeze things in (like praying), when we are on the go. He said you've heard people say "in the hour of prayer", well they really meant that they spent an hour or more in prayer. We really need to meditate. An like abc said, if we are too busy, we can't listen to Him. And what He's probably telling us, is that we are too busy!! I don't work, and I even get overwhelmed with evrything I need to do. And now I'm finding that as your kids get older, it gets worse! Sometimes I wish we could move away from all of this!!
  4. I have had both of my girls vaccinated. Now, at birth I refused the Hep B until they got older. My Dr. says (she's a christian), if everyone would raise thier kids with morals, then there would be no need for the Hep B shot!! Anyway, I have heard that they ruled out the whole autism thing. Although, who knows for sure. I personally think it's too risky to not vaccinate, plus the fact that when you send them to school, you have sign leagal papers because they havent' been vaccinated. I'm mean, now days, it seems like so much is going around and it's so easy to pick it up just about anywhere. I guess you have to think about what is best for your kids and wiegh the pros and cons of both sides.
  5. My husband is a christian, and like all of us, he's not perfect, and I do know that he knows that this is a problem at times. I have said to him that he probably needs to go talk to someone. Ethnmama, that's just what it is sometimes. I just step around issues to keep the temper down!! I know it has to be alot to the one working and then with his job situation, I know it wieghs on his mind alot. So, if he is in a bad mood, then yes, he will snap at one of the girls for whining or at our 4 year old for talking too much. (which she does talk alot!) But she's 4 and doesn't know that it gets a little annoying! Anyway, he's not like this all the time, it's just sometimes, and it's not like it's tearing our family apart, but it's not good for any of us when it does happen and I;m sure it does wonders for his health! I just don't want the to be that hing that my kids remember. Thank you for the continued prayers and encouragement.
  6. I think I really need prayer to trust whatever descision my husband goes with in the end. (I do have input and he does take that into consideration), but you know in the end he has to decide how he feels led. So just that I can really trust him and ultimately God. It's just really scary since he's the only income.
  7. Well, I just wanted to ask for continued prayer for my husband's job situation. We have had someone tell us, (that used to be a VP at his company, and still knows some of what is going on there), he should get out as soon as he can. So please pray that the right thing will come along at the right time.
  8. I agree. In either situation, (public, or private), your kids will still have the same choices. Like what crowd to associate with and all that. They will hear and see things at private school just as they will hear and see things at public school. I think you just have to go with God in both situations!
  9. Well, I went to private school and my husband went to public. We see pros and cons for both. I myself do not think that I could homeschool, nor do I have the desire or feel the need to at his point. We live in a good school district, so our kids will probably go there. Like many of you have said, alot of it is about the parents being very involved and keeping tabs on what's going on with your kids. I guess for us knowing that we will most likely send our kids to public school, it gives us a strong drive to make sure we really focus on (at home) teaching our kids the strong bibilical values that they will need to take with them everyday at school. Having gone to private school, I can say that I saw many cases where parents were using private school to try to "reform thier child". They will still see and hear things there as they would at public school. But, they do (as I did), get a very good education. So you do get your money's worth that way.
  10. I have never read anything that says that we have to do that. I know that the bible says that if you have offended someone you should go to them, but that's to apologize and ask forgivness. I've grown up in church and have always been taught that we don't need someone as a go between for us to God. We can just go to him ourself. I'm not very good at remembering scripture. Some of the other ladies may be able to give some scripture to help.
  11. I came across this thread. Lately this has really been something that has been on my heart and mind. And then at church we've kind of touched on this too. I just feel like we are constantly being bombarded with things, things, things and more things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost hate going through any toy isles at the store,(which for the most part we avoid altogether), because my daughter is 4 and wants everything under the sun!! I know she doesn't understand, and I'm trying desperately to teach her about being content and giving and that we can't have everything we want and that others may have more than us, but that's ok. It's just so sad when I see some of my friends trying to keep up with this family or that family. It exhausts me quite frankly!! Anyway, I"ve rambled enough. Just thought I would get that off my chest!
  12. Julie, thank you very much. He does try to do things differently than his dad did, but the temper thing is one that sometimes I don't think he really sees. Nicole
  13. I would like to ask prayer for my husband. He has a little bit of an anger problem at times. Not abusive or anything, but has a short fuse with people. (the kids) Gets upset when things aren't just how he wants them at times. I don't know if some of this stems from his parents' divorce when he was younger or from other things his family has gone through over the years. And now I'm to the point to where it's not worth saying anything half the time because all it does is cause an argument. I know he worries about his job alot. (he's an electrician and can be layed off at times)But I think it has to be more than that. I am more easy going about things and he tends to be more uptight. Please pray that he will maybe seek some kind of help or accountability or something. I know alot of times our oldest daughter, (she's 4), hesitates to go to him when she needs something because she is scared I guess. But then he will get upset because he wonders why she won't come to him. So I would just like prayer for him to get this worked out before they (kids) get older and it gets worse.
  14. Kelkat, that is too funny, and something I know all too well myself!! Mama5k, that's great!! I need to start walking. (2 kids here!) We may be going to Hawaii in 2008, so I guess that's a good incentive to get in shape. Huh?!
  15. Lord, I want to pray for my children that we can raise them to be content with what we are given and for them to learn self-control in a world where self-control is really not popular. I pray that they will learn to greatful to you for what they have and to learn to wait on you for the things they need. I pray that they will see early on how you provide and that they will always be taken care of. I pray that they learn to giving to others and realize that they are blessed with so much and they need to learn to give to others. Amen

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