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  1. Chocolate seems to be my weakness....but, I like to enjoy a treat at least once a week. A cookie for each hand is just about right. (;
  2. RMW

    New Mom

    Ruth, Welcome. It's good to have you join us here. You can stop in to chat anytime. I believe women really need emotional support...and talking to other women really helps sometimes.
  3. This sounds like a super easy way to use popcorn! I've never thought about making them into bars.
  4. Welcome to the forum here. Glad to have you join us!
  5. I live in a household of men (my hubby & 3 boys)...So, this year for the first time ever, I ordered myself a cake from a friend who has her own cake business. Oh, it was so pretty and just as delicious as it looked! I sent my husband to go pick it up and pay for it. After sharing it with me, he commented that we got our money's worth. It was delicious...but the beautiful cake that was made just for me made me feel special. So, I recommend doing something that will make you feel really special for the day. It only comes once a year!
  6. DiamondRing, Thanks for your comments! When I saw those, I thought they were a marvelous creation for space savers. I really wished I had thought of such an idea myself when my husband was in Bible college and I had the tiniest kitchen there you ever did see! lol
  7. I'm just starting a series on weight loss and eating healthier on my blog on Mondays. I would love for you ladies to join me on the journey to eating healthier. I know I've taken small steps to eating healthier and it's really changed my life...and I know that God wants us to be healthy and not necessarily "skinny". I've had to deal with thyroid problems too. I know there are lots of issues that we women face. So, I'm not here to brag in any way. I want to encourage each one of you....you can succeed in becoming healthier!
  8. I love working from home...but I also have a part time job teaching K-5 in the mornings...so I get to enjoy a little of both. I know for many people they enjoy connecting with others in the work world. Myself...I love the flexibility that comes with working at home.
  9. Welcome to the forum here. So nice to have you join us!
  10. I'm happy for you! Enjoy your time! ((Prayers))
  11. They are in our prayers. And I also know there must be missionaries there too that need our prayers.
  12. I'm really looking forward to Heaven! How wonderful and beautiful! A life without tears!
  13. Katie, Welcome to the forum! I have 3 boys ages 9, 12 & 13.
  14. Cookie, Welcome to the forum! I Love meeting those who love Jesus!
  15. Jules, I'm so glad that your husband has considered having a baby because becoming a mother and holding your own little one is so wonderful....and above that, I'm so glad that you are striving to become healthier. I know you can do it! Congratulations on the weight you already lost! How terrific!!!
  16. The economy is rough on so many people right now. I praise God that He is providing for you and your family...and that's great that you will have most of the summer off with your family!
  17. RMW

    The Nook

    abc, Thanks...I really need to pop in here more often. I'm going to try to do that. Well, this seems like a positive conversation for advancement in technology here. (: So, do you plug it in to recharge it ever so often? I'm just wondering how often you have to work on maintaining it?
  18. Sorry for your loss, I pray that God's grace continues to comfort you...and I'm glad that you have a positive spirit right now.
  19. That's wonderful that you are considering Christian names. I have three boys and have named them after the disciples...Andrew, Matthew & James. If I had a girl, I was going to name her Abigail...which is in the Bible.
  20. RMW

    The Nook

    I've been thinking on this device...but I'm still pretty much in love with my books...I like to actually hold them and read them...on the other hand, I'm thinking the investment would be great to help save some space.
  21. This is a good question that we as ladies should ask ourselves each morning. Causing a man to lust is not just his sin, but ours as well if we're not being careful of how we dress.
  22. I haven't logged in here for quite awhile, but want to say that I have been exercising several days a week and trying to eat healthy. I am actually seeing progress and feeling much better.
  23. Hello Dawn, About a year and a half ago I moved from Oklahoma to Kansas. I was from OKC. Now, I live in a small town in Kansas...big change but I love it here! I certainly don't miss all the traffic. You certainly love to do a lot of things. It's great to see you enjoying so much in life.
  24. Praying for little Stephanie...
  25. Sorry to hear about your mom's accident. I pray that all is well. (My dad was recently in an accident, thankfully, it didn't turn out quite as serious as your mom's situation.) Have you heard any updates?? ((Hugs and Prayers))

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