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  1. Try this Brown ground beef in a pan, set aside Boil some rice or use leftover rice Combine ground beef, rice, cream of mushroom soup, broccoli and add cheese. Bake in a 350 degree oven for about 25 minutes or until cheese in melted. The kids love it. Makes it enough for 2 nights.
  2. How is it going? Hi everyone--I reread this entire post this morning and I thank and praise God for everyones heartfelt opinion. The baby has come and gone and now there are some additional new teenage moms in the making. It seems that sexual sin is very rampant in our church and we need some real practical type teaching when it comes to our teenagers. I am trying not to make the distinction between unseen and seen sin but it is really hard when you have little girls at home. Anyway please keep our church in your prayers as we continue on this journey.
  3. All of my children stopped taking naps, they are still required to lay down and rest. You do not have to take a nap but you do have to rest. My younger two will eventually close theri eyer. My oldest will just lay there. It makes for a easier afternoon when everyone including me has had rest.
  4. I meant to say, I will also share my needs and desires. Someone else praying for me, surely will not hurt.
  5. Good Morning, I will also most my needs and desires. Someone else praying for me, surely will not help. I need (desire) another job, also my husband needs(desires) another job. I need (desire) for my children to get along I need (desire) for my baby to go to preschool next month, and for the Lord to make a way so that it can be paid for. I need (desire) a church where my husband and I can both grow. Just to name a few things on my prayer list. I have some more, please keep me in your prayers.
  6. Good Morning, I have experienced postpartum, after I had my first child Kila. I was sad, crying at the drop of a hat, didn't want to be bothered by family and friends. I didn't want to get dresses. As a matter of fact, at the time I was a sahm and I would only pull myself together at 4:45pm because my husband would be home no later than 5:30pmI went to a great church and I kind of felt like christians don't take medicine. We pray and everything was going to be alright. I had a beautiful baby girl, that I could not enjoy. One day after bible study, a older mother took me to the side and asked what was really going on? She took me to the doctor and I got some medicine. In about five days, it like the sun was shining inside my body. I could laugh, go for a walk and do a lot of other things. I stayed on the medicine for about a year and then gradually came off with help from the doctor. I have since had two other kids and they did not affect me as bad.
  7. Good Morning to All, I need your advice of a church matter. As many of you know, my husband is the Associate Pastor of our church, right under our Bishop. Well recently there was a younger elder that left our church and our bishop felt the need to take his license. All of this was done in a ministers meeting. After the meeting the disciplined minister called and told me all about it and asked what I thought. That particular minister and my family are close.I told him my opinion and that was that. Apparently another minister's wife and her sister found out about the situation. On this past Sunday, our Bishop asked my husband if I knew and asked why did I tell the other minister wife. My husband told him that I did not. Later that evening my husband asked me if I did tell the two other people. I told him no and that was it. I asked if he was upset and he said no, Let a lie be a lie. I am stunned, hurt, shocked that our bishop would think that little of me to think that I would go around and tell things when I don't. I have a general rule that if I don't want something to be repeated then I don't say anything in the first place. This is especially true with church people. I need advice on whether to say something to the bishop or just let it go. Thanks:eek:
  8. Good Morning Ladies, Please pray before you soeak to your m-i-l. I don't think that an ultimatum is what you want to give. Discuss your feelings with your in-laws when it can be done in a calm but assertive way. Please have examples ready to share with them. This may be a time that God is using you to witness to them, so don't ruin that opprotunity if the door comes open. Please fast and pray before any dialogue begins so that GOd can get the glory out of the conversation. I have been in a similar situation w/ my inalws, this is very dangerous territory. I know that you want your husband to step up, but you don't want him to "step" the wrong way which he might feel if he you attack his mother. PRAY first.
  9. Wow. At 19 I had a son who died from SIDS when he was around 2mths. I honestly thought that I had dealt with it and moved on with my life. Fast forward 6 years later when I got married and had my first child. I was pertrified with fear, as you can imagine. I went through a phase of staying up all night to watch her sleep so that if anything that could possible happen I would be there. Finally exhaustion stepped in and my husband walked out. I ended up bwing placed on meds and I was "fine" but I had to mend the relationship with my husband. We both had to enter into marriage counseling and he had to know for sure that I heard him. I know that I probalby forced him out of Kila's life b/c I was petrified. Pray and seek God and suggest individual counseling for yourself and couples counseling as well. To God's glory we just celebrated our 8th year of marriage and we have 3 beautiful girls.
  10. One thing that we used to do when potty training was to get up in the night and put them on the toilet. We would get them up about 11:30 or so and put them on the toilet. They would used the bathroom and go back to sleep. I know it breaks your sleep, but dry sheets are wonderful in the morning.
  11. I must say that I once was dependant on "the system" section 8, food stamps, WIC...you get the picture. What I said was right, you depend on them and not GOD. One day I "messed up" just like you and it was the best thing that ever happened to us. Now we have brought a home...God us blessed more than I could have ever imagined. But I had to start depending on HIM. Remember Matthew 6:33. Sherry
  12. Let me say, that my husband has a prior back injury and he is only 35. It changes every aspect of your life from sex to playing w/ the girls. I can tell when he is in pain (No piggy back rides for my girls) and it's hard to watch someone you love suffer. Father God,' In the name of Jesus we lift her up to you. Father only you know the why and the outcome. Father we ask for peace in the midst of this trial. We ask that you comfort her in her secret place. Allow them Father to meet the proper people that will help them to get what they need. Lord, guide their paths and give her the strength to stand. In the end, Father we will give you all the glory, honor, and praise. Amen
  13. At my current job, I feel as every move that I make is being examined. I feel like I am not meeting their expectations. However; no one will just say hey this is what I need. I have asked on several occassions to be specific--a job description of sorts. I have tried and the young lady in our "home office" that I work directly for us not so easy to please. Since we work at different locations, I have asked her several times to come and see what it is that I do so she can understand. But she refuses. In my heart of hearts, I think that i want to be at home. However; I still have to bring in an income. Until the time that it comes to pass, I have to come to work. Please forgive me for rambling.... This is also coming on the weekend after my first grader's classmate was killed by a car in a tragic accident. I think that I have been son busy helping Kila, maybe I haven't dealt with my own emotions. Thanks for listening
  14. I am asking for prayer about my job again. I am not sure what else to do. Please lift me up in prayer. It seems as if everything that I do is scrutinized. They say He doesn't put more on you than you can bear, but I feel as if I am at my breaking point. Please Pray!

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