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    I'm 24, I have a little girl who is 18mnths. I've been married for two years. My husband and I are both pastor's and graduate students. We love Jesus and want more of Him!


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  1. Kelly, Take a deep breath. I have to confess that all the things you struggle with and the weights you carry all reflect mine. I cant seem to keep the house clean, my kids happy, my weight in order, the dishes done, laundry done, etc. I have two little girls one is 2 and the other is 3 mths. I know exactly how you feel. You dont want to even bother some days and yet it eats at you every minute. The first thing I want to tell you is that God has given you all that you need to be the wife, mother, and woman you desire to be. The second thing I want to tell you is to take one thing at a time. There will always be hard days, days where you dont want to do anything. There will always be times when you feel like you're not doing enough. The hard part is learning to decipher what is true and what is not. There are days when I feel like I'm not doing enough, and sometimes it's true. Sometimes I choose to sit in front of the compture knowing full well I could do a load if not a few dishes and there is the part of me that says ' no I dont want to' or 'that would'nt do any good'. The enemy loves to keep us down, he loves to keep us thinking we are failures and that we some how lack the ability to productive. But the Bibles tells us that we are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus. This week has been a hard week for me, and what I've done this week was to simply pray in the morning 'Jesus I surrender to you, I need you, you are my strenght' and I have been given the strenght to get things done. It's also about changing the way you think about these things. If we look at them simply as tasks to get done, chores that are a burden then we will never do them. But if we begin to look at these responsibilities are opportunities to honor God, show love to our family, show love to our husbands, etc. then we are more likely to do them with a cheerful heart or at least a willing heart. It's not about doing these things all the time perfectly but working toward them and slowly reaching our goals. You are a good mother, although you may not feel like it you are. Your children know you love them, even when situations are tough and things might get out of hand, they know you love them, that you are there for them, that you are a safe place. You husband knows you love him and that you are a good mother and a wonderful wife. Give yourself grace to be human and to miss it sometimes. Give yourself grace to work toward a goal. Take the tasks of the day one step at a time. Know that laundry will always be there. Dishes will always be there. Those are things that will keep building up, do a little at a time. Do two loads of laundry a day. Do a load of dishes in a the morning or half a load. Dont try to take everything on at once. You will be overwhelmed. Dont worry about the little things in the kids room. If you want them to keep there room clean, perhaps you could make up a rewards system. Something like, if they keep there rooms cleaned all week they can have ice cream sundaes on Friday or they can watch a special movie or something like that. Maybe that would help to motivate them. I know I've said a lot and honestly there is so much more I want to say but I'll cut this short Lean on Jesus for what you need to motivate you and get you through the stressfull times. He will give you everything you need, I can testify to that. Even if it's getting your husband home a little early cause your going crazy! God can and will do it for you because He loves you. Dont worry about your test, God's plan is perfect and is for your good and the good of your family. Use this time to prepare for the next time you can take the test and ask God to open your mind so that you can remember all that you need to and give you favor on your test. He will work it out. Hold on to Jesus, He's got you and your family. You can message me if you want to chat more.....I'll be praying for you Grace & Peace Jen
  2. Has anyone dealt with postpartum depression?
  3. Father I lift up abc's mom to you. Lord I pray that you would surround her with your presence. Father I ask that you would fill that ER with you manifest Spirit. That abc's mom would know you are with her. Lord I pray that you give the doctors wisdom in how to treat her and what to do for her. Father I pray that you would give abc and her family wisdom in what to do. Lord I pray that you would comfort both mom and family in this moment. Jesus I pray healing power to reach this woman right where she is. Touch her Lord with your might right hand and bring healing, peace, strenght, and comfort. Jesus I pray your grace and peace over this situation and this family. In Jesus name, Amen
  4. Hi Tonelsmom, I'm doing good. Learning to patiently wait for God's timing for the delivery of this new little one. It's been hard. My faith has been tested and that has been hard but God has been faithful to draw near to me when I cry out (litterally cry) to Him for help and strenght. I did find a website a while back that helped me to formulate a birth plan. It was really easy cause it had all these options within a whole bunch of different categories. I will check out this link too though, I like know what my options are. Thanks for checking on me. I know things have been rough for you, but know that I am praying for you and I'm trusting that God will work everything out for you. And I am praying that God would surround you with his peace and strength. I pray that as you cry out to Him, you would know His immediate pressence, as I have experienced. He loves you sooo much. He really does and He knows things are hard, but He is working all things out. He is moving even now even though you may not see it clearly. He loves you and He's there. You are so precious to Him and I believe that He delights in your childlike faith and willingness to trust and learn to trust. I believe that He delights in you, because you are His child. He loves you soo much, I just feel like I want to keep telling you that...That you are loved by Jesus!!! You are His beautiful, prescious daughter.... The Father delights in you..... in all of who you are...... Blessings beautiful beloved love Jen
  5. secondchance, you sound like me. as i was reading, you mentioned that you know God is not ignoring you and that all your dealing with is probably to shape you, mold you and all that good stuff. I know for me that when i'm sitting in the midst of all the chaos thinking about how the chaos is for the good, that brings me little comfort because there is still a part in my heart that screams out "God, could you just please, ease up a bit" and i think the Father understands. He mades us and He remembers that we are but dust....I really just wanted you to know that I hear your heart and the cry of your heart for rest, for refreshing, and for some space to breath deep. I want to encourage you to hang on. Tell the Father what you feel at the deepest level, and let Him meet you how He would. We know that all things work together for the good...yes but your heart is in anguish and your heart is not comforted by that, and thats ok because Jesus draws near to the broken hearted and crushed in spirit. I dont know if any of this is making sense, I just wanted to encourage you...that it's ok to be where you are cause Jesus will show up and He will bring you to a place and give you what you need. I'm praying for you.... Jen
  6. I am sooo hapy for you!!!!!!!!! I pray the Lord give you the words and wisdom in sharing with family. May the Lord guard your heart and mind as you tell the fam. He'll work all things out. Praise Jesus!!!
  7. Lord I pray that you would touch my sister. Father you know the battle that rages within her and I pray that you would draw near to her and fight her battle for her because you are our Mighty Warrior who fights for us. Jesus I pray that you would surround my sister with your presence. I pray your protection against the attacks of the enemy to be round about her and that you would preserve her in all she does. Jesus keep her in your peace. Lord may your blood cover her and hide her in the shadow of your wings. Father I pray that you would silence every lie and voice of the enemy in the Name of Jesus and that your voice would speak strong and clear to my sister. Father I pray that you would speak to the storm and command it to be at peace and that you would bring her out of this valley of the shadow of death and set her high upon the rock of Jesus Christ to give her life abudnantly in every area. Lord give her your joy and your peace in the name of Jesus. Touch her today God. In Jesus Name, Amen
  8. I come into aggreement with Laurie and ask God that you would provide all they need in this situation Father according to your good and perfect will. I'm praying for you Danielle. Grace & Peace Jen
  9. naejeirual, My family and I started to actually observe the Sabbath according to Jewish tradition, and for a season it was a great blessing. Taking time in the evening to speak blessings over one another, to wash one anothers hands, to break bread and take communion once a week. Knowing that I have recieved the promised gift of salvation made celebrating the Sabbath all the more rich and sweet. The Lord called me away from the traditional Sabbath because I had begun to make it just another thing to do that needed to get done and I was missing the point. Just this week the Lord's been moving on my heart in the area of motherhood, and that my house should and needs to be a house of peace where the presence of the Lord is evident in our lifestyle. That people can come and sit and see that our lives, that our hearts are in a state of rest before the Father. So last night my husband and I spent time de-cluttering the large things in our house and I have spent time praying in my heart that the presence of the Lord would filld this place. For me, I think I'm on the road to understanding what it means to honor God, not just in one way but in all that I do. The Lords been laying it heavy on my heart the need to de-clutter not just my house but my heart, and I believe that taking time to honor God, setting aside a day that is His, where we offer ourselves as a sacrifice and shut out the demands of the world-is when the Holy Spirit comes and begins to de-clutter our hearts so that we are more fixed and steadfast on Him. The Sabbath is done as a rememberance of the promises of God, the provision of God, and who God is. I believe God delights when we honor Him this way... Just some of my thoughts and stuff... Blessings Jen
  10. Hi Ladies I am doing better. The pain is gone, praise the Lord! I dont know what it was but its gone. My husband arrived safely yesterday and is very very tired but it's good to have him home. The family is well and I thank you for your support and prayers. Just wanted to update folks. Blessings Jen
  11. Thank you all for the prayer and support. My husband is due home tonight so please be praying for safe travels as he comes home and stuff. Also, I've been having some slight pain, kinda like lite cramping. It's on the left side and it comes and goes. I cant tell if it's the baby's position, gas, or something else. So if you all could keep my and the baby in your prayers I would greatly appreciate it. I'm working on putting together a hospital bag to keep in the car, just to be prepared. Blessings Jen
  12. This morning was little rough for me. I woke up cranky and it took me a while to shake it, but as the day went on I got better. We had a busy day today running around. It was nice to get out of the house. Hopefully this evening wont be so bad, a friend and I are going out to dinner and then we'll probably hang out. She's such a sweet girl. I'm looking foward to it. My husband is doing well and he thanks you all for the prayers, it's been a long two days for him and he is looking foward to coming home. Thanks for the support ladies. Jesus is faithful. Blessings Jen
  13. I will be praying for you and your family Grace & Peace Jen

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