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  1. did I say that I was called a slut? Re read the paragraph. And how are you to use "prayer" as an insult? This is why this forum baffles me. How in the world do you delete your account here?
  2. You know, this is ridiculous. For such an ignorant assumption to be passed. Who are you to judge other people's "immorality", or their sex lives. I am all for abstinence, and I know NOW it is wrong to have sex before marriage. Did I care 8 months ago, before I became a Christian? No. I was not raised in a Christian household, we did not go to church, and my parents were cheating on each other and divorced by the time I was 8. Ironically I only had one sexual partner, which is the man I am about to marry, and have been with for 5 years. During my younger years, I could have had multiple sexual partners, and its a wonder I didn't, due to my desire to feel loved. I have genital herpes. My fiance and I have only been with each other. How did I get it? Cold sores and oral sex *gasp!* Tonelsmom, no one wants your sympathy, I surely don't. Was I irresponsible? Maybe in your eyes, but I thought it was ok, I thought I was being responsible. the majority of so-called "sluts" in our society, carry out their behavior for much deeper reasons besides wanting to get an orgasm. And their sex lives have nothing to do with morals. As parents of teens, and future teens, I recommend you all re evaluate your judgements, and quick conclusions. This place is not for me.
  3. Not everyone is raised in a Christian household.
  4. thanks for all the great answers! I can see how being busy can be of the devil, just because its an easy way, especially for moms, to get off track, like mentioned, from doing your quiet time, or fulfilling your hunger for God.
  5. Even if it was caught just through sex...so what? I wouldn't think that makes someone immoral. And I apologize, I don't want to attack, or really have this thread go off subject, I am honestly curious about that comment, and the intent. I, personally, have a hard time with the stereotypes revolved around people who have STD's.
  6. What does Hep B have to do with morals?
  7. I think that is the best medium, to wait until they are older. I think every mom just wants to make the best decision possibly in keeping their child safe.
  8. You can get about 100 crunches done in about 3 minutes, if that. They are faster than sit ups, and when you do the right elbow to the left leg, it helps get rid of those infamous love handles.
  9. Something I used to do, if I was watching TV, is during commercial breaks, I would get down on the ground and do some crunches. And switch out with push ups.
  10. Well, we decided to call off the wedding, we are still getting married, but after a long talk, we decided we would rather take a fourth of what we were handing over for the wedding to have a nice small honeymoon, since we haven't even been on a date in a long long time. Plus, I do not handle stress well at all, and I haven't been getting much sleep over this whole thing. So anywho, thank you everyone for the emails and kind words, Its very appreciated!
  11. I'm in Texas and although I wasn't affected, I remember that outbreak. Kinda scary...
  12. Lord, I just want to pray for the individuals affected by this crisis, I want to pray for their strength. I want to pray for the chaos to calm Lord, that people may make sense of what has happened, and to not let the anxiety take over their lives, God. And we understand Lord, that you have a plan, and although every one of those 7 lives lost is extremely tragic, we know the situation could have been much worse. In Jesus name Amen.

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