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  1. As far as the Gardasil, my dd isnt old enough to worry about it. I would have a hard time with this one. I worry about new vaccines. I have heard alot of bad things about this one already. I will probably give this one about 10 years time before I consider giving it to dd.
  2. Again thank you all for your replies. I just have some praying to do. I have spoken to others that have had severe reactions. There is one mom on another board that lost her first born to the hepB shot. I believe the baby died 17 hours after receiving it when her little body shut down. I have seen responses from several mothers that have autisitic children, whose symtoms just came from nowhere after getting vaxed. I certainly dont believe everything/everyone I read online, but I believe these people. I also know the terror of german measles. My grandmother lost her two twin boys because she contracted this. Honestly, both the extreme affects of either vaxing (side effects) or not vaxing (getting the disease) is terrible. Im really just torn. I will vax, but I just think the number of vaccines is too many in such a short time on such a small fragile person. I just wish it were enough to breastfeed for at least a year, stay at home with the kids and then once they are like 2ish, start some shots. I wish there werent innocent lives being slaughtered to create these vaccines.
  3. I know they have taken most of the thimerosal out, but it still remains in the Sanofi Pasteur DTaP Vax, which my doc uses. My chiro told me that all of the batches that did contain thimerosal were just sent over to the third world areas when they started the vax programs over there. I guess if there is a rise in the same neuro problems/health issues over there, it will probably never even be discovered. I am just going to pray about it all as much as I can. I know the diseases are worse than the vax side effects usually. I think we will just delay for a while. I think it is just too much for infants and toddlers' bodies. God has blessed me to be able to stay home with my kids now, so they dont get alot of interaction with other kids. I am leaning towards vaxing after 2 years or so, selectively.
  4. I have been on the fence about vaccinating for a while. I have done my research on the ingredients from the manufacturers sites. For the vaccine brands that our doctor uses; Merck Varivax (Chickenpox) contains aborted fetal cells (diploid human cells) Merck MMRII (measles, mumps, rubella) contains aborted fetal cells (diploid human cells) The rest; HepB, HiB, DTaP, Polio do not contain aborted fetal cells, but do contain aluminum, formaldehyde and/or thimerosol (mercury). Now, since I do not believe abortion is right in any circumstance (Because God gives all life and I believe life begins at conception...Once conceived those babies have a soul) wouldnt that mean injecting the remainder of aborted fetal cells into a child is Wrong? On the vaccines that do not use aborted fetal cells as the medium, as a Christian, how would you interpret injecting such toxic things into the body? Is that wrong also? I am not great with scripture. Ive had faith for quite some time, but just recently started going to church Can anyone here help me out with what the bible says about these things? Thanks so much:D
  5. I say pray about it and do what is right for you. There isnt a right or wrong answer. I fully intended on having epidurals, and had epidurals for both deliveries. I didnt have any problems that I can think of with either one. Natural birth is also completely possible, many mothers can do it with no meds at all. I would say my pain tollerance is medium. I have had knee surgery, broken leg, spinal tap. I survived all those, and I could survive a natural birth...but I will take the easy way out if I can get away with it. The afterbirth exhaustion, and pain from nursing is enough for me.
  6. I am new here I usually spent my time on another forum (diaperswappers), but I have grown tired of the battle. I ran into some evil there, and I just dont belong there anymore. So, I went searching for a nice Christian moms board to chat with like minded people! Looks like I found it I am a young wife and mother to 2, with another on the way. My hobbies are sewing, and doing creative things. We have recently moved and are looking to find a church. Well, I guess thats about it I look forward to talking to all of you

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