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    The main reason I use the net is to share the Word of God with the www/minister to other women who may be going thru a rough time or just need a "listening" ear(via IM or email)


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    reading my Bible, my family, helping others,making friends,chatting online


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    Online Evangelist
  1. WELCOME BACK DAWN !!!! I'm so happy to see you back
  2. Father God, I lift Jarryd before you, Lord....I ask you that Your will be done in her life. I also ask You that you lift her depression and let her know just how much You love her, Father. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen!
  3. Father God, I stand in agreement with Laurie right now in the Name of Jesus! Amen.
  4. No problem, and thanks.....but ALL Glory to HIM!!!!
  5. I've been thinking about doing the same thing.....If you already asked for them to forgive you, then you've already done you're part.....In my opinion.....they are the one's that have the problem
  6. I've heard of those too, joyfulmama......they are also good for us who live up north lol, and who just want to stay in shape
  7. I think Obama will say anything at this point to get elected.....but, hey, I'm a Republican
  8. I'm also sorry to hear you won't have a Valentine, NYCmom .....enjoy Valentine's Day with your DD By the way we have something in common, my mom was born in NY, and I was born in NJ
  9. faithfulhart


    I am also here for those in need of a "listening" ear.....just send me a PM

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