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  1. What is the right age to talk your kids? My daughter will be 9 this summer, she is the oldest my boys are 6 & 4. I know she is hearing things at school, I remeber my friends and I all learned about periods, sex etc. from Judy Blume books and the like. I don't want her to be like I was, my parents didn't talk about that kind of stuff. And kids are being exposed to things at much earlier ages. But is 81/2 to young? I don't think so, but wanted to get the opinons of other christian moms.
  2. momof three


    Not For Me! For myself , yes I consider it sin. Because the bible talks of being a good witness, and to not be a stumbling block to others. My husband is what you would call a "binge" alcoholic, he has struggled hard with it he quit drinking three years ago in nov.he has stumbled yes. But has changes so much and things are good now. So in this case yes because I could have a drink now and then no problem, but if he takes a drink he wants to get totally wasted. So for me to drink would be sin,as I would become a stumbling block for him. And the whole drinking,just leads to things which aren't good. As Christianmom said, impairs you. Our marriage was almost ruined by alcohol, and I have seen some which were. So we stay completely away from it. And that is what we are teaching our children. But we also have to remember there are other things which are just as addicting and harmful to our marriages as well, (credit cards, food, gambling, gossiping,shopping etc) In Christ, Mom Of Three
  3. Our church in sponsering a clothing give away on the 22 of Nov. and while I started prayting about it and collecting clothes and getting the word out, God has lead me to start an outreach ministry for our commuintiy year round , we have a food pantry all ready. Some ideas are doing things by the seasons, school supplies , hats,, gloves & mittens at fall/winter, also baby supplies,. Any suggestions , do any of you currently have something like this in your church? Please let me know , e-mail if you want. And esp. pray for this ministry that it will help others and that we can show Jesus's love to others.
  4. I too have noticed it, I posted awhile backabout Max & Ruby on Nick Jr. their parents are novever shown or even talked about, there is a grandma once in awhile. After that I then started noticing it in the Disney Movies. Makes you wonder huh! Another one , in the Donald Duck cartoons, Huey Looey and Duey, he is their Uncle, but no I never rememberd any parents.
  5. I too would liketo renew our vows next year on our 10th ann. If you look back through the posts, there is some suggestions I recieved .
  6. That's is a lot of what I have a problem with, the women & men.. and they can't go 15 minutes without taking the Lord's name,which is common in all thesitcoms as well. We just quit watching it all togethor.
  7. I too worry about what it shows small children. We have just been turning ot off. Maybe I read to much into things.
  8. Just wondering, does anyone elses kids watch Max & Ruby & if so, can anyone tell me where Max & Rubys parents are??? I have not figured that show out. My 3 1/2 loves it,but...... it is kinda strange! One episode did have "Grandma" on it.
  9. I too have had two miscarriages. But three beautiful children. I lost a baby, had my daughter, lost another had my first son, then was terrified I was going to lose the next one. I wish I had been a stronger Christian then.But he came along just fine. It is scary, but trust in the Lord. He will see you through it
  10. Someone mentioned reality shows. What do you all think about them. I personally think they are going to far with them. Like the new one "are you hot". My husband thought we had to watch it, it is really sad to think of the young girls out there who are watching it and thinking "WOW" I am not a size 4 where do I fit in. It was bad enough all the models and movie stars, but...... Anyways just wondering what everyone else thinks!
  11. Thanks for all the advice, and please keep me and my mil inyour prayers. As far as how close or far we live, (10 minutes away) and we go to the same church. A small one (around 200 people on sun. morning) I have realized it is Satan who is benifitting from all of this, we haven't spoke for almost 3 weeks now. There really are no words, we had a terrible fight, said things that we shouldn't have, and esp. as Christians it shouldn't have happened at all. BUt I am trusting in God to bring us out of this, to show me and her the way to mend it. ~Mom Of Three
  12. Help!!! Does anyone else out there have a terrible relationship with their mil?? It just seems to get worse instead of better. She has always been jelous of me ( she just recently tole me "She knows I take her son from her, but she is over that") we just had our 8th wedding ann. in dec. How over it can she be? Sometimes I really feel that she would be happy if I was just out of the picture all togethor. I don't talk to her, and I don't go to her house when my husband and kids do. But then I am accused of thinking I am better than them. Anyone have any suggestions??? ~mom of three
  13. Thanks for the encouragement! I really feel as though weare so different now, we have both grown in the Lord so much and I feel in my heart it is the right thing to do! ~mom of three~
  14. A friend and I would like to start a christian mothers group, anyone have any ideas?? I have checked into the MOPS group, that cost quite a bit to startup. So give me your input ladies!!! mom of three
  15. ARE CHRISTMAS TREES SINFUL? By Hoyt W. Allen, Jr. Every year around the annual celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, someone is heard to say, "The Bible teaches that it is sinful to have a Christmas tree." This well-meaning individual usually "backs up" the statement by quoting Jeremiah 10:3,4. This passage says, "For the customs of the people are worthless; they cut a tree out of the forest, and a craftsman shapes it with his chisel. They adorn it with silver and gold; they fasten it with hammer and nails so it will not totter." (N.I.V.). Now, one will have to agree that this description does seem to fit that of a Christmas tree, unless, of course, one has an artificial tree. Then the "cutting down" would not fit. However, if we are good students of the Scriptures, then we will look at the entire context of the chapter. When we do this, we then will discover that Jeremiah is speaking not about Christmas trees, as we know them, but about the practice of the heathen (v.2) who made idols from trees (v.3,4), graven or carved images, or molten images (v.14). In other words, it is IDOLATRY which is being condemned. See Isaiah 44:14,15; Daniel 5:23; Habakkuk 2:18,19, for comparative Scriptures. Probably everyone would agree that a Christmas tree which represents a materialistic and commercialistic Christmas could become an idol. In fact, anything or anyone can become an idol (boating, fishing, hunting, any sport, crafts, job, family, education, house, etc.) if it separates us from true worship and service to God. No doubt, in our money-crazed age, man's most popular idol is money. But, money in itself is not evil. It is how we use it or are used by it that makes it evil or not (I Timothy 6:10). So, may we understand that if a Christmas tree separates us from worshipping and serving God, then it is an idol and wrong to use. May we understand that if we do not want to celebrate the Lord's birth on an annual basis (Christmas), it is not sinful - as there is no exact Scripture to do so. However, may we not condemn those who choose to do so. But - may we not "miss the boat" by celebrating a non-commanded celebration (Christmas) and neglect commanded areas such as: Baptism (immersion in water, for the forgiveness of sins and the gift of the Holy Spirit - Acts 2:38); Communion (every Sunday - Acts 20:7); and Godliness (Titus 2:12). In conclusion, may it be understood that God wants us to honor Him with our lives 365 days a year. It is His will that we worship Him on a regular basis. If we do our part, God will keep His promises to us! May each one of us trust Him and serve Him daily! KYOWVA Evangelistic Association Is Worthy of and Needs Our Support * 1541 S. 7th St. * Ironton, OH 45638 740/532-8020 Thought this was interesting, Mom of Three

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