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  1. Hello Ladies. I am coming to yall with a prayer request. I don't have a lot of time to give details, but my husband is struggling with issues with his career choices. He feels that he is wasting his life at his present job. He wants to make an impact in the world for Christ, but doesn't feel that this job permits him to do so. He is struggling with going into the ministry versus making the money he does, if that makes sense. This struggle has been common in our marriage. In the past 3 years, he has changed jobs 4 times! It is a strain on our relationship with one another. We have financial obligations that require him to make the money he does now. Going into the ministry would probably put a strain on our money situation. Anyway... please be in prayer for him to be wise and to hear the Lord and be open to His direction. Thank yall so much!
  2. i watched this today and i loved it too! it gave me chills. i had no idea that God Tube even existed! i am addicted!
  3. If anyone is interested in this subject, I would recommend a book to read! It's wonderful! I would suggest reading it with your husband, but I read it alone and just kind of gave my husband a summary of each chapter. It is written by a Christian psychologist. The books is called Sheet Music by Dr. Kevin Leman. Enjoy!
  4. I am so proud of myself. I exercised 4 days this week!! WOO HOO! It has really helped my mood and raised my self-esteem. I have about 20 lbs to go!
  5. Prevention magazine also has workout DVDs that I would recommend to you ladies! The one I have is great! I have the Ultimate Walking Workout and did the Regular walking workout today. It was great! I decided to hold off on the dancing since I think I almost woke up my DD doing it last time! I like Denise Austin's workouts, but she is sometimes a bit too cheesy to me! I guess they all have to be, though, to keep up entertained!
  6. I had a great workout today! I did a small 15 minute Denise Austin "walk & tone" workout with weights. Then I popped in the Leslie Sansone "Walk & Kick" DVD and boy did I sweat!!! (I would highly recommend it!) It was SO GREAT! I'm very encouraged. It's great to hear yall's progress, too! I bought a dance workout video.... so, we'll see if maybe I can conquer that tomorrow!
  7. I hope, that if you have not heard Jeremy Camp, you will look him up and listen to his music! He is truly one of my favorites! "Give You Glory" -Jeremy Camp We have raised a thousand voices Just to lift Your holy name And we will raise thousands more To sing of Your beauty in this place Well none can even fathom No not one define Your worth As we marvel in Your presence To the ends of the earth. We give You glory, Lifting up our hands and singing holy, You alone are worthy We just want to touch Your heart, Lord, touch Your heart Glory, lifting up our voice and singing holy, You alone are worthy We just want to touch Your heart, Lord, touch Your heart As we fall down before You With our willing hearts we seek In the greatness of Your glory It's so hard to even speak There is nothing we can offer No nothing can repay So we give You all our praises And lift our voice to sing We give You glory, Lifting up our hands and singing holy, You alone are worthy We just want to touch Your heart, Lord, touch Your heart Glory, lifting up our voice and singing holy, You alone are worthy We just want to touch Your heart, Lord, touch Your heart Our hope is drenched in You Our faith has been renewed We trust in Your every word Nothing else can even measure up to You. We give You glory, Lifting up our hands and singing holy, You alone are worthy We just want to touch Your heart, Lord, touch Your heart Glory, lifting up our voice and singing holy, You alone are worthy We just want to touch Your heart, Lord, touch Your heart
  8. You are always in my prayers, my forever friend! Give that baby a hug for me! Can't wait to see yall soon!
  9. I can totally relate to stressing out in the financial realm of life. My husband and I have been there! A couple of years ago, we moved to a new town so my husband could take an internship to pursue a dream he had of working in the sports world. I was searching for a job at the time and for some reason, I couldn't find ANYTHING!! It was hard to say the least. Then we found out we were pregnant! Talk about stress! I had no job, he made below poverty level on the pay scale, we had no insurance and we were on our way to being parents! It was crazy. But God used that time for us to COMPLETELY depend on Him for every little thing--money, health care, a job, even groceries sometimes. And he answered every single prayer. Sometimes the answers weren't always what we wanted or expected; and sometimes He answered with silence. But that was okay. (Not easy, but okay!) I believe that God used that time to see if we would trust Him for everything. Check out the verse in my signature. Those words are very comforting to me. Cast your cares at His feet. He will answer you and provide you sufficiently!
  10. I remembered a verse that I have read many times: For just as the body without the spirit is dead, so also faith without works is dead. James 2:26 However you cannot earn your salvation!!
  11. I don't know much about Catholicism, but I have found this thread very interesting! From my experiences and personal relationships with a few Catholics, it seems like Catholicism is based SO MUCH on works and not as much on faith or grace. I also have found that a lot of the emphasis is on Mary and praying to her! I don't understand this.
  12. Personally, I am moved the most through musical worship. I don't personally feel that it is disrespectful to have instruments in God's house. It is strange to think that someone would believe this. A major form of worship as humans is musical, either instrumental or vocal. There is a reference that I am aware of in the New Testament refering to instruments: Rev. 15:2 "...they were all holding harps that God had given them and they were singing the song of Moses the servant of God." (NLT) Even the ANGELS use instruments to worship God!! I know in the Old Testament many instruments are named: the shofar, the harp, the horn, the lyre, etc. I think that different churches (and different people) worship in different ways. One church may use more traditional music and others may use more contemporary, like your church. I would have to think that God isn't concerned as much with the style of our music as much as He is concerned that we ARE worshipping!!
  13. I some questions about predestination. I know this can be a very controversial topic. My dh loves to have long, theological conversations about this type of thing, so I just wonder what others think about this. If God is sovereign, how do we have free will? Does God have control of every decision we make in our daily lives? If we are predestined for either heaven or hell, what is the point of Jesus even coming to earth to die for us?
  14. i did not walk AT ALL this week. yuck! i DID make an effort wednesday, but as i was starting my workout, my daughter woke up SCREAMING from her nap, so i had to quit. unfortunately, i guess this is life. check up on me by next wednesday. i want to work out at least 3 times next week! thanks! PS-- daisy, i think this is a GREAT idea to post our progress!! yay for you!
  15. reply Mommy2Nicholas: I would encourage you to check out a Leslie Sansone DVD and watch it first to see what you think about in-home walking. It is not on a treadmill, which makes it so great! You don't need any equipment besides a good pair of shoes! You can probably find the DVDs at your library in the fitness section. Let me know if you like it!

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