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  1. Martial arts has been really good for my son. Just make sure you get the right place from the beginning or you'll be sorry... after we had invested one entire year in a place, we realized that part of the belt ceremony was getting kicked by all of the black belts present. I thought, "well he's only 4; they'll give him a light tap." Well, the sensei knocked the wind out of him; I never went back. I contacted a champion karate person who said that should have never happened-- that it was barbaric and you had to be careful about what kind of place you went to. So just ask a LOT of questions before signing that contract!
  2. Hello, my husband is Catholic and I go to Catholic church even though I'm really Protestant in my beliefs. I think that these people are terrible. True Christians (Catholic or Protestants) are out to show love to others, not hurt them. You just follow your heart. Infant baptism is a hard one-- I've seen evidence for doing it and not doing it. My child was baptized as a baby, but I'll probably rebaptize him in the bathtub when he can really make the confession, just to be sure. You do what you know is right. Don't let anyone bully you into making them CAtholic.
  3. Well, I started homeschooling my son and the working out went down hill. I'm starting up again, though. Sorry I've been gone so long.
  4. Thanks, ladies, for making me remember to get my butt in gear tomorrow!
  5. Daisy

    My Mother

    Whew! Praise the Lord!
  6. Daisy

    Needed Prayer

    I once got hooked into Mary Kay. Good products, but they sure pressure you into buying the inventory. May God bless your family during this stressful time.
  7. I think the prayers lifted me last night. I really felt them, and my husband started chitchating (now that's a miracle). I've never recovered from such a low so quickly. Thank you all!! Praise our Lord who is always there to hear our prayers.
  8. God bless you!!! Hugs and prayers!
  9. I've been feeling so low, so unimportant, so overwhelmed by household responsibilities and running after my toddler... also dh doesn't communicate with me at all. Need prayers...
  10. Whew, praise Jesus for hearing our prayers!
  11. Good3Mom and Joyful Mama: woohoo for you and thanks for posting!!!!! :D :D Joyful Mama, Denise Austin is the backbone of my working out and I feel it working! Momofateen-- you are such a goal setter-- very inspiring. :D RMW- welcome and good for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those few minutes in the morning will add up!! I'm having the amazing effect of needing less sleep. I get up so energized, even if my toddler has woken me up in the middle of the night.
  12. Today, did some Denise Austen and ran around like a toddler with my toddler.
  13. I just read today that they have massively improved vaccinations. It is certainly possible that old vaccines with thermisol had some bad effects. The only one now that has thermosil is the flu vaccination. Haydensfunkymom, please don't leave! You're so courageous to admit what you have-- you might have made someone else feel better with your story. It's rare to find someone so open and honest. That is so true that sexually active girls are often acting out because of psychological reasons. There's a reason that girls without dads around get pregnant like 400% more... we'll leave any judging that need to be done to the Lord.

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