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  1. Hi all, Thanks so much for the advice. I guess I was really looking for some validation that it was OK to set limits regarding this child. (Thanks onehotmama). With regard to what abc posted, we have been making sure this child is exposed to a Christ-centered family through prayer at dinnertime, talking about Jesus, bible study time and the like. thanks again
  2. Hi Everyone, I am struggling with an issue regarding a neighborhood child, hoping someone has some good advice. There is an 11 year old boy who moved into the neighborhood last year. He seems to be unsupervised in the afternoons and wanders the neighborhood looking for playmates. Last year he came over frequently, but always wanted to stay for hours to be fed, entertained, and use our computer and Xbox. His behavior is not great and my son wants to imitate everything he does. My son is 7, and I think he is too young to be playing with this older child, but he does not understand why I don't want this other child over everyday. I want to do the "christian" thing, and I hate to turn a child away, but I cannot deal with this child everyday. I have spoken to the parents and frankly, they seem unwilling to provide supervision and entertainment for their child and see nothing wrong with turning him out every afternoon to wander the neighborhood. Am I being unchristian in not wanting this child at my house everyday? I feel like we have to hide in our house because this child always approaches my son when we go outside and then I end up "babysitting" for yet another afternoon and evening... Advice please

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