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  1. Psalm 46 - GOD is our refuge and strength an ever present help in trouble Maybe your having a bad day or a bad week or a bad year YOUR HELP is but a call away. THE ONE AND ONLY OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST! Maybe your kids are unhappy after all school just started, maybe they don't like thier teacher, maybe the kids are mean... Maybe your husband is ill, maybe your not feeling well, after all you are a mom and you can not get sick. What are you thinkin? Well praise GOD that HE understands and HE wants to HELP! WOW LAdies Yesterday in church GOD really met me... I went to church yesterday with my three children. When I awoke my husband had driven himself to the hospital. I will come back to why... So my mind was wondering why I am heading to church I should go and make sure everything is ok. He needs me... After all I am his wife ! blah blah When our Pastor was speaking it really touched me that GOD is our refuge... HE is the ONE THE I AM not me but GOD... HE is the one that can change things. Stay with me... ANd as I begin to listen GOD showed me that through it all HE is our refuge. It takes me back to when Rob and I lost our first born son CORBIN. GOD WAS THEre, HE WAS FAITHFUL, HE HELD ME AND CONTINUES TO HOLD ME. So yesterday GOD was saying no matter when times our hard (because ladies he could change things in a second) but when we are called to walk through things HE IS OUR REFUGE. We all hate to walk through tough times me included. BUT we grow and we change so next time you find yourself asking to get out of this hard place maybe we can ask that HE meets us in it and holds us and becomes our refuge becasue HE wants to be. Next time our children are unhappy and we want to play GOD and change things maybe we should seek GOD and ask HIM because He is there REFUGE. After all HE loves them more which I always find incredible. He could love our children MORE. WOW... Rob is ok He has a kidney stone and is doing well and is thankful that GOD is taking care of it. Thank you for allowing me to share with you today. GOD has been so good to me. I am such a blessed child of GOD.
  2. Crystal - You must have a heart of GOLD. I am new... Just started this week since my three went back to school. I have met so many great Mom's like yourself. It is so nice to be back into a schedule I need that and summer was great and we were so blessed by GOD. Praise GOD for healing you! He is so faithful. I am so excited what GOD is doing in my life and has done. Enjoy your day and be blessed!
  3. Praise the LORD for school. Yes, here in Virginia one of our children started two weeks ago and the other two started yesterday. I had a moment this morning watching them get out of the car I have to drop my daughter first and then take my boys to their school so as I watched them I was so blessed to see what the LORD has given me and also so proud. Before we know it they will be grown and gone with their own children which I really don;t even want to think about I just want to enjoy them every single day that GOD will allow me too.
  4. Praise GOD! Continue to be faithful and know that GOD is so proud of you!
  5. I loved it! What a great thought! The past few days since all three of my kids are back to school I have found myself talking with GOD more. I am so thankful we have such a GREAT GOD. HE is always faithful.

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