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  1. It's been more than 2 years now, since I never felt the presence of our Lord, b/c when I was on my birth country, every service, there is a time, I always feel his presence, and last sunday was the big event in my life, while the choir is singing the joyful song, I feel his presence, until it made to solemn song, Glory to God, I can stop crying and I felt my body and hands is shaking, my tears keep flowing, and I know our dearest God is been wonderful to me at that very moment, Praise him!!!!!!!!! God bless
  2. If you're not in the habit of praying for more than a few minutes a day. I suggest trying the following thirty-minute recipe for basic prayer. 1.) Clearing 2.) Focusing 3.) listening 4.) Asking 5.) Thanking " Like the "Basic Bread", recipe in " The joy of Cooking", you can use this template to create seemingly infinite variations to suit your particular taste and style. just try this approach until you get the hang of it, and gradually branch out if you feel the need. If it is helpful, play some soothing instrumental music during this time. By Eric Elnes, Adapted from his book " Asphalt Jesus". God bless
  3. We all know that there are different kind of people that live here in the United States, and sometimes they describe different people in their color! White, Black, Brown, yellow etc. I was very aware of what this race problem can affect our kids, we should be love and respect one another, eventhough we are in different colors, b/c we came from one creator and that is our dearest God, I admit it, even in our own Country Philippines, their is a bunch of Chinese, and they are very successful compare to Filipino, maybe their is a few Filipino who been lucky and have gold spoon in their mouth but in the other hand, their is plenty of Filipino who is poor, but we never think that race could affect our future, but here in the United States the Land of opportunity, racism is a big issue, hopefully someday everybody would think color is not important, the most important is being one and united in the name of dearest Jesus, and we need to appreciate how God is bless America, as my co-filipino believe that someday our dearest God hands will touch our country and spreads blessings. God bless
  4. Hi! I don't know how long she can take it! b/c we talk again, a hours ago, and she told me until now this man is still treating her bad, she told me, this man always told her how dumb she, how stupid she is, and then he was telling her she is crazy, and he said, he would do all her best, to make her bad to the sight of others, he will make sure that the judge will believe on him, he will do anything, and he said he will sue my sister, so my sister can pay him, I don't know how to explain it in one words, but he said he can tell to judge that my sister is unfit mother and can take good care the kids, and my sister will pay him, do you know that my sister is having a problem now on her health, b/c she is always tired, esp. this summer, the man told her, she need to be ready to cut the grass again. I can say he is the cruel man in this world! dear God forgive me, on what I said, if only you can hear, what else he said to my sister, to scared her, and everyday always tear her down, you will be mad also to this person, as I felt with him, but I know dear God will take good care of my sister, the only thing I wanted now, is to separate my sister with her, I don't want to see my sister always crying! God bless
  5. Thank you so much! Thank you so much for both of you! Naejeirul and Second Chance! May the good Lord bless both of you! both of you are right! I was the one who trying to ask her to leave her husband, b/c I believe she don't deserve to be treated bad, but she told me she decide to stay and wait until this man left her, she's Christian, and she has strong faith in God. God bless
  6. Hi! I need some advice, my sister is been here for almost 10 years, everyone of us thought, she had a happy life. as you may know, we belong to the country who have the highest poverty, that is why when everybody found out that you married to an American and lived here in the United Stated, they thought your riched, but surprisingly, I found out last year, the first time I come here in the United States, that my sister is miserable, she's not happy, her husband is not working, instead she is the one who is working and she is the breadwinner of her family, and that man treated her bad, and all her salary will went to the pocket of that man, I keep on trying to tell her to leave this man, but she's scared, b/c she don't want to lose her kids, and second she don't have anything, even her income tax return, her husband use it on her own pleasures, he said, he will use it to fix his teeth, in my own Country Philippines, his been there for 4 times, and again he will be back this April, I am very much upset, b/c my sister is not deserve to have this man, but they said it is the law, here in the United Stated that if you leave your house, they might considered that you abandoned your kids and your house, and it's your lost, this man is strong, but he pretending that his sick, my gosh! he did not do anything, even to help my sister to do some house hold chores, she's tired when she come home from the job, but she still need to do everything when she come home, even to put the dogs on the bath and cut the grass and fix that man food, I really want to tell it to my parents, but my sister, begging me to keep it secret, this man abuse her mentally, he keep on telling my sister that she's stupid, she can't take good care my nephews and even her self, if it not for him, she can't lived longer here in the United States. how can I help my sister?
  7. Hi! I want to work at home, is there anyone can help me a ligitimate site with no uprontfees, just work and paid, I am interested in the field of home typist, if you could help me, I would appreciate it! God bless Psalms 1:22 My help came from the Lord, which made Heaven and Earth.
  8. May the good Lord bless you, Ms. Laurie, you enlighten my life in such a good and a healthy food of life, thank you for encouraging words, your right, I don't need to insist to be somebody else, b/c I am God's creature and everybody has different, I don't need to wear the shoes that not really fit on me, and that's make me feel happy and secured. I don't need to be afraid to talk, I need to trust first deares God, second me, and I know if God is with me, who can against me. thank you so much! I appreciate it a lot. God bless, Sister in Christ
  9. Hi, I wonder is there is something I need to learn to gain self-esteem, I am a stranger in this country, although I've been here for almost a year, I still have struggling to communicate with others, b/c I did not speak good in English, my language is Tagalog, and it's keep on bothering me all the time, esp. everytime I face my husband's family, oh mind! I can't stay a longer time to chat with them, and everytime we are in the church, I keep my mouth close so I will not embarrassed my husband infront of his friends. I want to have friend, and be socialize with them, but the problem is my lack of knowledge in English, and second my accent. And there is one more thing, I grow up with a Shy Attitude, even in my home Country Philippines, I'm type of a person, that If you did not have the first move to talk to me, I will never talk to you, I admit It It's boring to be in my group, but one's you will know me, you will never regret, b/c I will be a true friend, and a loyal to you, yes, I have a few words to say, but you will like to be with me, but still I need to work out my self. God bless
  10. ms. sherry, thank you so much, how thoughtful you are. May the good Lord bless you
  11. sister'christ


    I can't tell if it is a sin? the only thing i know, alcohol ruin the life of many people, esp. the young one's. Look what the result of alcohol, there are many accident in the road, their are many life's been lost, even a good person, when he start drinking the alcohol, suddenly he will be change, hopefully, all the people realize the cause of being alcoholic. think deeply, b/f you do it!
  12. Last night, something strange happen 2 me and my baby, around 2:00 a.m, i heard someone trying to unlock my door, it was my first time to experience that scarry moment, i keep on praying and worshipping our dearest God, until i have a time to call my husband, and he called a police, they response quickly, and i thank God nothing happen 2 me and 2 my little girl..... I praise him, he always take good care of me. Praise the Lord!
  13. it's a wonderful experience and an everlasting gift came from God, that is two words, i can tell to express my grattitude feeling for having a precious child like mind, when the first time i saw her face, i was crying, i cant believe i have my own baby now. For almost 12 years i take care my neices and nephew, and enjoy everymoment i have with them, and now i have my own, i can explain how happy i am, Praise the Lord, everymoment i have with her is worthieth, even i miss my family in the Philippines, its worthy for having her in my life, the way she smile at me, and trying to talk to me (she's only 3 months old). I know my family can't wait to see her, but i believe in dearest Jesus name someday i will go back to visit my family and to bragging my girl. God bless
  14. sister'christ


    I thank God in many ways............ I love him, and i believe without him, Iam nothing......
  15. sister'christ


    I felt blessed, after i babtised it's been a months before i decide to recieve dearest God as my personal savior, first i was afraid, b/c i thought if you recieve God as your personal savior by babtised, you should avoid everything, for instance, lying, etc. but when i accept him, i truly blessed, i learn in Rom:3:10, their is none righteous no not one, (except our dearest God) , i recieved a bunch of miracle in my life, and yes of course, you will be wet, but you will feel secured that you will know for sure that you are the daughter of the living God, and he will always guide and protect you in many ways....... God blessed

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