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  1. agree with Heather! is it wrong for someone with cancer to seek treatment? is it wrong you to seek help if you are haveing a heart attack, is it lack of faith? NO!!!!!
  2. When I used to HS I had tons of sites saved in my favs to make spelling more fun, where you could take her spelling words and it would generate crossword puzzles word searches, etc. instead of boring old haveing to write the words over and over on her own. try and make it fun not boring and hard. and I agree wait until middel school thats when homework time gets scary.lol
  3. I have "the power of a praying wife" and several books aimed at wifes with un-saved husbands, those are the ones that see me through somedays.
  4. thanks all. its not really that big of a crew, I just beleive in trusting God in EVERY area of my life, including fertility, after all children are the heritage of the Lord and blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them.lol dh's cousin just had their 12th and 13th, this past summer so I have alot of catching up to do.NOT!! this one will most likely be the last.
  5. oh I LOVE my knifty knitter!! made tons of hats last year for people, my dd's busdriver just saw one of dd's hats and has requested one, so plan to make a hat and scarf set for her in the school colors for her Christmas girt.lol
  6. Heather, I can relate to part of your pain,(as you already know)but not all of it. I too am really struggling in my walk right now, but you know what as far as getting angery at God go ahead and yell at him get it out if you need to he understands and has huge shoulders. then when you calm down you can calmly discuss the matter with him(not just talk, listen to what he has to say too)
  7. LOL GOOD one heather
  8. continueing to pray for them both and their families.
  9. ok for Christmas presents I tend to limit spending to $30 a child, if you shop carefully they can have 2 or 3 decent gifts to open each plus stocking stuffers(homemade candy, popcorn balls etc.) newpapers: well I just watch the local news channel truelly we don't have time to sit and read a paper anyway(when we did get the paper 1/2 the time it wasn't read) family fun: the park, walks in nature, bike rides, library books, haven't seen a movie in 5 yrs or more. Meals: we do alot of hamburger type dishes, tuna noodle casseroles, hamburger dishes like spegetti, and chili I use only 1/2 lb of burger and add more beans or pasta even more onion stretches it some.
  10. thanks Heathbar! sorry didin't mean to take over this thread
  11. Theresa6


    I answered yes, b/c I was baptized as my parents beleived right as an infant, but I now feel I need to be re-baptized now that I'm a beleiver, might do that after this baby is born, being baptized by submusion is important to me. been baptized in the holy spirit.
  12. Broken Beloved, thank you! it gets discoaraging sometimes, I have waited so long for God to get ahold of DH(16yrs) sometimes I see what I think is a softening heart but nope.

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