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  1. To God Be All The Glory The Best Is Yet To Come.
  2. Hi Everyone Just Wanted Everyone To Keep My Sons Marcus An Eric In Prayer Eric Is Stll Currenty In Prison But I Am Beleving God For Early Release Macus Went To Court On The26 Of October He Goes Back In January But I Believing God On What The Devil Meant For Bad God Turning It Around For His Good To Allow Both Of My Sons To Realize That Their Is A Real God So They May Get To Know Him In The Power Of His Might So They May Glorified Our Father In Heaven So I Will Like To Thank All Of You In Advance For Your Prayers Because The Word Of God Says Where The Are Two Of Three Asking Any Thing In His Name He Would Be In The Mist.
  3. Hi Melissa My Name Is Felecia From Florida I Will Stand In Agreement With You For You Friend I Believe That We Serve A Big God And He Is Able To Do All Things If We Only Believe Sometimes We Try To Limit God But He Is Just To Big To Contain Melissa I Have Gone Though So Much In The Last Two Years With My 2sons My Younger Son Is Currently Serving A18 Month Prison Sentence My Middle Son Tryed To Commit Sucide In 2005 So Believe Me When I Say The Attacks Of The Devil Can Really Throw You For Aloop But Though It All The Lord To All My Pain And Turn It Into A Praise And I Have Learn That The Greater The Trail The Greater The Annoting The Devil Knows That Your Friend Is A Threat To His Kingdom I Believe.that Our Lord And Savior Is Going To Give Her Double For Her Trouble And Everthing He Took It Is Going To Be Given Back To Her In The Name Of Jesus Because She Was Wonderful And Fearfully Made When God Made Her He Didn't Make No Junk So Tell Her That She Already Has The Victory.
  4. Hi Amanda Welcome I Pray For God To Endow You With Supernatural Strenght From On High And Also Our Lord And Savior Knows What We Have Need Of Before We Even Ask Because You Already Have The Victory So Glorified God .
  5. I Help To Lift Up Amy Right Now In The M Ighty Name Of Jesus AMY Is Already Heal No More Pain The Devil Is Already Defeated And Amy Has The Victory
  6. I Will Pray For This Family Because You Know When We Pray For Others God We Move On Our Behalf So I Am Asking God To Move Quickly For This Family
  7. Hi Dawn Just Remeber We Serve A Mircale Working God And What The Devil Mean For Bad God Will Turn It Around For The Good.
  8. REDANGELS i am also praying for you also god word is true he will lead you and guide you to all spritual truths just continue trust in the LORD with all your heart and soul and only believe and he will do the rest.
  9. GOD is aGOOD GOD and he knows what we have need of before we ask the right job thatGOD has for kk is already hers in JESUS NAME
  10. HI katrina my prayers are with you i am currently going though what you been though with your son i have two sons that i am going though with concerning the drugs and all my younger son eric is currently in prison doing 18 months he is suppose to be here around january marcus has a court date coming up this friday its one thing after another but one thing i know that god is able to take me though everything my children was also brought up in the church and i know that the hand of God is on their lives so we must encourage ourselves in the LORD an in the power of his might.
  11. Hi iam really intresting in having a prayer pantner to touch and agree with me about my to adult children their names are marcus and eric eric is currentlyserving 18 months prison sentence he is expected to be home around january marcus has a court date for friday oct 26 it has been one thing after another but i need all the prayers i can get so please keep my family in your prayers.
  12. MY prayer is that the almighty GOD wii dispacth his healing angels right now in JESUS name.GOD is a miracle working GOD.

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