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  1. My now 4 year old daughter was lovingly know as "the little terrorist" as she would regularly hold our family hostage with all sorts of willful behavior. We attended a Growing Kids God's Way class at church 2 years ago and it has made a world of difference in her! It has taken almost 2 years of consistent training and she is now a different child! The secular version of the course can be found in the book Childwise. I most often see these books at Walmart. My prayers are with you!
  2. We are just finishing up our second year of homeschooling. My oldest child is 6 and is working on 2nd grade reading and math. My youngest is 4 and we will introduce her to some kindergarden material in the fall. We love homeschooling so far, I cannot imagine sending them off to school all day!(although I sometimes day dream about what a day would be like all to myself!). We take it one year at a time, but I hope to school them at home through high school. Katie
  3. After taking a class at church called "Growing Kids Gods Way", my huband and I realized that the first step in providing real "heart training" for our children was to put OUR relationship first. This is not very easy! We TRY to spend 15 minutes on the couch talking, just the 2 of us without interruption every evening soon after he gets home. The girls are present, but quietly occupied with puzzzels or books. We can actually pull this off.... about once a month!! It IS hard to find time to spend together, but it has gotten easier as our daughters have gotten older( they are 5 and 3). We do not go out alone very often. When we do, we rely on grandparents to help offset the expense by eliminating a costly babysitter. We are more successful having dates at home, rather than going out. We are very strict with bed times, no later than 8:30pm so we have some quiet time before we both drop. About once a month, I will feed the girls before he gets home and either cook a seperate more adult appealing dinner for just the two of us or order out, and we put the girls to bed early and enjoy ourselves! This works best on a Friday and I run the kids ragged that day to ensure immediate sleep. My family lives out of town so whenever we visit them, we plan an evening out with old friends or just the two of us. This is an example of the Grandparent thing, my Mom and my sister are so thrilled to see us that they will take one or both or the girls overnight to spend more time with them. Get creative!! Hope this has helped!! Katie
  4. Sunny, I have a 3 year old daughter also named Lydia. She and I will pray for your Lydia. Katie

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