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    I am the mother of seven children and seven grands. An Author and Evangelist who has a passion for discovering and sharing how the Scriptures apply in very practical ways in our lives.I have authored my first book Hallelujah! It's A Mother's Miracle


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  1. I am Lorene Hall, author of my first book, "Hallelujah! It's A Mother's Miracle". All those Mommies having children of traumatic illnesses, just hang in there, and continue to love your child. I made it, and so can you. My book, properly titled, is a biography about my oldest son, Dexter, my miracle from the Lord. He developed Hydrocephalus shortly after birth. The doctors all told me that Dexter, would surely die. They wanted me to sign documents to give them consent, to experiment on him and also acknowledge that I was aware of all the risks involved. All hydrocephalus babies were met with fatalities, born about the same time as my son. I learned also that the drugs that had to be administered were experimental. First, I was told that three of the eight babies with water on the brain were chosen as candidates to go through a special procedure of having a shunt placement: My book depicts chronologically my son’s life up until he had three shunt placements and received a miracle. My book is also about myself as well. It gives a preponderance of my trials and tests that gave me ultimate victory over what appeared to be calamitous in my personal life. My son even ran track in school, and also for the community track meets. He never came in second place; yes, all the track meets he ran, he came in first place, even during community track meets where he ran against older children and talented young men. He even broke school records in those ‘meets’. My book is also featured on amazon.com. My website is lorenehall.org.

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