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  1. I totally agree with Heather! Chase her out of the choir and you are likely to chase her out of church and even out of a relationship with God!!! Just because you can see her sin doesn't mean it's worse than anyone else's. "We have all sinned and fall short of the glory of God". There is not one person in that choir or church who hasn't sinned. Treat her like Jesus would, with compassion and understanding.
  2. I just finished reading the thread on forgiveness and can really relate to how Heather is feeling. Along with my children, I was physically abused, but mostly emotionally/verbally abused, by my ex-husband. Then to make matters worse I had two separate pastors from two separate churches verbally abuse me. This was almost two years ago now. Since then, I have re-married and thought I had forgiven all those involved and moved on with my life. But within the last 6 months my personality had changed and was quickly becoming full of anger and hatred. I couldn't figure out what was going on and kept pushing through each day, blaming everything on everyone else, snapping at my kids, hating everyone and everything around me. Finally, three days ago I completely broke down in a fit of anger/wailing, but this time I was angry at who I had become, I was angry that I had become so inpatient with my children and my husband, I was angry that I blamed others (who don't even know me) for my feelings of anger, I was angry that I had become so hateful! It was in this rage, that God, through my husband, made me realize that I hadn't forgiven these people who hurt me two years ago and worst of all I hadn't forgiven God. I had become so angry at God without even realizing it had happened. It was then that I realized I didn't have a relationship with God anymore. I said words to him, but I didn't put thought and meaning into them. I didn't truly believe he cared about me anymore. I had just been going through the motions of Christianity, and these were few and far between! Through much pain I was able to humble myself enough to pray for God's love to be poured out to me once again. I immediately felt peace wash over me, a love so strong I couldn't stop talking to my Father, asking Him for his forgiveness and love to be poured out to me, I wept more tears but the tears of anger were replace by tears of joy and love for my Creator. I feel this will still be a long process of forgiving and letting go of the wrongs done to me. But at least I feel God's loving arms around me again. I've been able to get up each morning this week with a new found peace and calmness that I had lost along the way. Praise be to the Lord for his forgiveness on us! I also praise the Lord for giving me a husband who supported me without condemnation through this time of re-birth. And a big praise to the Lord for all those on this website who have already helped bring me closer to my Saviour, without realizing it your words on various forums and threads have touched me!
  3. I have always told my kids that Santa is a fun, pretend way to remember the giving spirit of Saint Nick. MY ex-husbands, brother was made to believe Santa and other fictional characters are real and later on in life, I think he was about seven, asked his mom, "if Santa, the Easter Bunny, the tooth Fairy, etc. aren't real then Jesus must not be real either!!!!". I believe this really is the way kids veiw what we tell them. Either they can believe us or they can't! My kids have just as much fun pretending these things as other kids who believe it's truth, but I think they are also learning to trust my truthfulness to them. I also think that telling them over and over again about Saint Nick and how he gave to others has helped give my children a giving spirit. A few weeks ago Jeremiah (4 and autistic) had a dollar and a picture he colored at school, he put them both in an envelope and requested we mail them to the poor people:) Zachariah (5) has also displayed this care for the poor in his bedtime prayers! Yeah, something we are doing is working to teach them compassion for others! It is so exciting when you see your children display a level of compassion that can be so difficult for many adults. Just a note for people who get upset over Christmas being abbreviated to X-mas: The 'X' is thought to represent the Greek letter 'Chi' - the first letter of the Greek word for Christ, Christos Knowing this might help take some of the bitterness out of seeing the word abbreviated. Christ's name will prevail!!! I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful time of year to celebrate Christ's birth and don't forget to have fun, as well!
  4. Dear heavenly Father I pray for bizzebee and her family. Give her the strength she needs to run her family in her husbands absence and Lord I pray that you would give the linemen the knowledge to return the power to Oklahoma as quickly as possible so this father may return to his wonderful family. Give this father safety while he is away and bring safety and protection to this family. Lord, we thank you for your love and faithfullness and pray all these things in your wonderful name. Amen
  5. I have an MRI tomorrow to see if I have MS. Please pray they find out what's wrong with me. I've been very dizzy for the past two months and have tingling in my face. It's been a very frustrating time, not knowing what's wrong. Especially since we moved to MI (from IN) in July and don't have a church family that cares, yet. I feel so alone. Thanks in advance for your prayers!
  6. Hi, I'm looking forward to getting to know the other mothers on here:) I just moved from Fort Wayne, IN to Potterville, MI! I have three children, Zachariah James -5, Jeremiah David-4 and Mariah Faith- almost 3. Having been in Fort Wayne all my life, I'm having a hard time being in MI and not knowing anyone, so I thought this might help me keep my mind off of the changes;) Sarah

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