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  1. It has been since March that I have been on here. I did not know what to say to the family of moms that I have come to know and pray for. In late March I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I have been trying daily to get a positive perspective on this new life that God has flung my into. My movement has been very comprimised. And just cleaning house has become more of a chore then I ever thought possible. The little things that were once something I dreaded having to do, are now something I wish I could do. I have spent the last year in prayer for God to show me a new way to do all the things that I took for granted. And to keep me positive for my family and for my own sanity. And God has answered that prayer ten fold. Not saying that I do not have my days where I feel as if I cannot face another day like this. That I feel that my body has somehow betrayed me. I was once a very active women who ran at the sounds of a pager on my hip going off, telling me that there was someone somewhere who was in need of an emergency medical tech. And the sounds of an ambulance siren was the sound of help is on the way, and that all was going to be o.k. I miss that active part of my life. I am still part of the volunteer service in my hometown, but now I am the paperwork girl. Which I have come to realize is just as important, just different. I want to tell anyone that is facing what seems to be a challange that you cannot tackle, please do not give up. Cry when you need to and reach out to fellow believers often. We are all in this world together and we are there to talk and to love. This has been the worst and the greatest year of my life. Seems strange that those two things can coexist but yet they do. And they can for all who look towards God for answers that seem not to be there. Please pray for my family who are in this with me. And please send out a special prayer for my husband his name is Mac. He is the greatest but the stress of a handicap wife is alot. He handles it well and shows me love everyday. I just know that covering this family with prayer is an awesome thing. And God listens. Thank you all for taking the time to read this.
  2. Do not listen to people who do not understand. I homeschooled my children thier whole lives up until this year. It is the one thing that I will never regret. The reason that I stopped this year was because of my own fears of not being able to continue. I was hit by a truck and find it hard to get around and do the normal things. I have two boys and a girl. They are now 10 12 and 17. My seventeen year old is a junior in highschool and is now adjusting to life in the public school. Never give up on what you are doing. I believe it is the best education for a child is at home. I also know that it is the hardest thing a mom can ever do. You will have days that you want to give up. But if you believe God has called you to do this, then stand on that fact with your family or friends, or whoever is telling you that your choice is wrong. And do not be afraid to mess things up. Or to have a bad school day. We all do. I know that I was doing right by them when I was able to do it. And I do miss it so much. Even though my children fought like cats and dogs, and I thought I could not stand it anymore, I miss being thier teacher more then I ever thought that I would. I do know however in my case that it was not in their best interest anymore for me to try to continue. I prayed long and hard over what to do after my accident. And God led me to put them in school. And I just asked Him that the things I provided them would stick and their beliefs would not change because of a system that tells them that He is not there. I am lucky that most of the teachers in this school are believers and this is a small town and I know them all. And they have known my kids. Long story short you are doing the right things, in my opinion. And I will pray very hard for you. I know how hard and how great it is, all wrapped up into one. Thanks for your post, Anissa(mom128)
  3. Thank you all for praying for me and writing me back so that I know that I am not alone. I feel all your prayers, and I am so thankful for them. Lord I want to lift up all the women on this site to you. Will you bless them for their dedication to you and to your will. Lord I love and trust you and will wait upon your healing and your hand. Lord help me to remian strong and to not have to understand yet why this my hardship to bear. Lord you amaze me everyday not only in the big things but also in the small things. Like how the birds find their way back to us every spring to remind us that the seasons so change and the songs return. Lord thank you for all things big and small. In your Holy name. AMEN
  4. I know when I first joined this site I posted that I am an EMT and was hit by truck while doing my job (June of 06). I am still having a very rough time with the effects of this. I am trying to stay positive about this. I have had surgery to correct the problems in my left knee. And after that my muscles in my leg began to attack me. I have major tremors that make it hard to walk. I do not know when these will happen, and doctors are having a hard time trying to understand what is happening. And going to doctors has been a problem because of the way the system is set up for volunteers. And without any personal insurance to cover I am having a hard time finding anyone to take me seriously. I have had to hire attorneys to help me fight. Which would never have been my choice without being backed into a corner, by the system. I had been feeling very lost and very beaten. And then God once agian took hold of me and said "I am here where are you?" I am asking for prayer in being able to stay strong and be able to wait for the healing that I can feel is coming, as long as I am still walking in His will. I do not want to ever feel as down as in the last few months ever agian. I am walking by faith not by sight right now. And through all am back to feeling hopeful. Please pray that I can stay there.
  5. welcome to this site. It has been a blessing in my life. I hope it does the same for you. In Christ anissa
  6. I have not had it happen to me personally. But a friend of mine has. Her child is now in college. Her tubes had been tied(and burned) for 5 years. When she got pregnant with her baby boy. So I know that it can happen. I also have a friend, well this one is my best friend, whose husband had gotten fixed 7 years prior and she ended up pregnant. All because of thier daughters prayers that she did not want to be the youngest grandbaby. I have faith that is why. Now her youngest boy is 5 and her oldest boy is 21 and her middle daughter is almost 18. I know God is big and to never give up hope and have faith that he is in control of your body and that he can give you a baby. Have the faith of child praying not to be the youngest grand kid. I will be praying for you. Anissa (mom128)
  7. I just spent the last 26 months losing almost 100 pounds. I joined a site called sparkpeople.com. And it is free and really helped me. They had some great exercises for all the trouble parts of the body and can help with lots of the weight loss process. I still have twenty to lose and am stuck. I will pray for you, I know how hard what you are trying to do is. Do not give up it is worth the trouble.
  8. I wanted to say thank you to all who have read about me and prayed for me. I also wanted to say sorry for being gone so long. Life got in the way for awhile(for a long while). I am spiritually strong, physically not so much. But things are finally on an upswing. Thanks to all the moms who care for each other on this site, and the prayers that go out to us all. thanks, Mom128
  9. mom128


    Hello ladies it has been awhile. Life seems to get very busy sometimes. I am asking for prayer for travel. My husband and youngest son are traveling to the coast of Oregon and then back home agian and doing this in just over 24 hours. So please pray for thier safety. They left at three this afternoon. And they have called and are almost to their destination. And will turn around in the morning and head home. My husband is a great driver, but not everyone is. Also will you pray for me this coming week. He is going to Oregon to pick up his sister and bring her home for her spring break. She is 17 years old. So this adds another teenager into the mix for a week. And even though I love my sister in law. She is a teenager and is not saved. I would like prayer to help me help God reach her this week. Or at least plant enough seeds so that they will grow and soften her heart. Thank you all for being there and know that I do not write often enough, but know that I pray for the women on this often. In Christ, Anissa Happy Easter!
  10. A warm welcome to our group. I too am new as of the end part of Dec. I have found prayer and peace with this site. I know that you will have the same. Looking forward to getting know you. Anissa
  11. I had to show everyone this. Our lives have been less then perfect for quite awhile now. But we get through everyday with faith. We have our days where we have to remember who is in control. I believe that we all have to take a step back and remember that every now and agian. It has been so bad that a friend of mine siad she was going to have a t-shirt made for me that sayes "just call me Job". My knee injury, then my sons knee that needed surgery, my husband renched his back about a week ago. And major financial problems. And that is just the beginning. I wanted to show you my husbands e-mail to our Pastor. I found it to be very uplifting. Thanks for the prayers! Jake had surgery Tuesday morning, and physical therapy this morning. We are finally home. Jake is on crutches for the next 4 to 6 weeks and is expected to make a huge recovery. (He should be able to play football this fall). We were able rent a room at a hotel in Boise on our own, so thanks for the thoughts. If we were better connected, that would have been helpful, but that is in the past. Jake does have pt three times a week in McCall with a followup with his surgeon in Boise @ the Elks in the middle of March. I would ask continued prayer for strength for our family. We no longer pray for patience. My back is fried, Anissa hobbles, and of course Jake and his crutches. We are just a disabled family with many abilities that keep our spirits up. Pray for Ben & McKayla, as they get the glorious opprotunity to be big kids, and help with all of the chores that the other cripples can not do. haha. One other prayer request, please pray that we will able to refinance our house this month. Most of the hard work is done (appraisal) now the easy part happens, the paperwork. Thanks- Mac & the rest of the family
  12. Lord I do not know what her week has held but I do now that you have held her week. Lord you are all powerful. And you know what she needs Lord. I pray that she never grows weary of what is good. Lord you are the healer of all. And we trust that you will help her. In Jesus Name we Pray AMEN
  13. The baby is in the neonatal intensive care unit – and Briggs says it appears the baby will survive. This statement is the newest on the story that I have heard. I want to thank all of the mothers that said a prayer to the God that knows why things happen. I heard on the news that the baby is now breathing without a ventilator. And that is a miracle. Briggs is one of the officers that is tracking the babies progress and the family. I could not imagine how this family feels. Lord I thank you for every women on this site. And to the women who created it. Lord I thank you for your endless grace. You are all we need. Once again ladies thank you for all you do. In Christ, Anissa
  14. Please I am asking for prayer. I do not even know this family, but I can here the pleading in their voices as they ask for everyone to pray. The roads have been terrible all across our state. Near Boise their was a deadly crash, a mother of 6 and 8 months pregnant slid out of control and into the other lane. She hit head on with a semi truck. The mother was alive long enough to be air lifted to the hospital. But died before the doctors could deliver the baby c-section. The baby is now in a coma, and his brain has been starved of oxygen. He looks so perfect and so beautiful. This family needs the prayers of every mother out there. They need a miracle. And I know a God that is in that business. You can watch this story so you can have an idea of this family, on KTVB.com. I couldn't think of a better place to ask for prayers then right here, on the website for mommies. In Christs Love, Anissa
  15. I will be praying for you. Gods strength will be with you. In Christ, Anissa

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