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    I am a Christian woman who is happily married and has been so blessed by God.


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  1. Well... I am having some problems... as you know (when I introduced myself I mentioned it) I am now about 8 weeks far.... in my pregnancy... but today .... I am having some discomfort and well... you know... some bad signs.... that... just pray for me..... please... that everything goes well.... and even better... for God's will to be done and for me to have peace about any result. Thanks! Love, Paloma.
  2. WoW thanks! ... I am not new in forums either he he.... In fact I have been in forums for about 8 years he he.... Well... Thanks for all your comments! It is wonderful to be here! Paloma.
  3. well I didn't really read all of the answers..... I just read your post... and I thought I should give my opinion... since that's I think we are all here to share our thoughts, support each other and even exhort (did I say that right?) each other with love (even I am new, I feel that is one of the ideas of these boards). Well... I used to feel a little bit like that... when I was younger... and once my pastor told me something very wise which is in the Bible: "A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother." Prov. 18:24 sometimes we expect others to meet certain requirements to be our friends... instead of just be willing to "sacrifice" ... I think to have friends... we must be willing to love.... and love is ... well... you know because you have your best friend who is your husband.... LOVE is not all butterflies. Love is giving your very self to others. Are you sure you want a friend? What do you want a friend for? and I am sorry I do not pretend to sound rough... If I am please forgive me... probably is just an issue of my language barrier since I speak Spanish much better.... But all I am saying is.... do you want someone to give you? or are you willing to give? I read you say people are going to expect from you to go shopping and time, and stuff and I think the following: 1. You don't become real friends with someone until you both give. 2. A friendship is based in trust, communication and of course you can get that only by spending time with each other. 3. You don't need money to have friends.... In fact most of the best friends... well.. you find out who they are when there is no money and they are still friends.... because of what you mean for them and what they mean for you. So... Probably you are not sure if you are looking for a real friend or someone just to give a call once in a while without sacrificing anything.... But let me tell you that I know... that friendship is worth sacrificing and giving and crying.... Because God made us like that... He created US... and he knows that 2 is better than one.... Dear mommy2liddy.... with love from Christ I tell you.... Be a friend... and you will have friends back... because God does not fail... and in His word says that we will reap (or harvest... I don't know in English) what we sow. So be encouraged... because among all the blessings from God.... He will provide with friends for you... And well... hopefully you will find friends here.... of course you need people who you see and everything.... but if there is anything that I can personally do ... well.... just let me know. I will pray for you. God bless you! Paloma.
  4. wow... wonderful! thanks for your words and for making me feel welcome!!! I am looking forward to know you all better and learn from all of you! Yes, it is discouraging to watch the news and everything around us.... how the world is now days is terrible... and those thoughts made me really doubt about getting pregnant... but now I just take it as a blessing and just ask for God to give my husband and me wisdom to be good parents to guide him or her in HIS way. So thanks a lot!!! ;-) I will be reading some of the threads and start to comment soon. ;-) Thanks again! God bless you all!
  5. Hi... well... I am glad I found these forums. It looks like there is a great "atmosphere" here. Well... I found out I am pregnant on December 30th, this would be my first baby... (according to the doctor I am about 7 weeks and 5 days far now). My husband and I are really excited. So I hope I can find friends here, other new mothers as me so we can share everything we feel and other more experienced mothers who can help me with advice and tips! Please forgive me if I make mistakes when writing... My native language is Spanish... I've been living in the USA for 10 months now and even I am fluent in English I promise I will make mistakes he he.... Ok... well... I hope this is the beginning of great moments here! God bless u all!

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