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  1. Hello ladies. Haven't been on here for many years. My daughter is now 15 and my son is 28. My name is Retha, I am married now for 5 years. My son, Matthew, is married. My daughter Marleigh is learning to drive. My husband, Marleigh, and myself live with and care for my elderly parents so they don't have to go to a nursing home. I can't wait to get to know everyone and hoping to reconnect with some old friends. Overwhelming feeling of peace came over me when I saw the email asking me to rejoin. Perfect timing. Gods timing is always perfect .
  2. Me too... check your PM box mama!
  3. Hey everyone, just making my presence known in the Single Moms forums. I posted my intro in the Welcome forum.
  4. I'm praying for mama, take it easy today .
  5. Thanks mama's. Brenna, I have a confession to make, Megan said she saw you over here and that this place was another Christain forum so I had to come check it out. Also, hadn't seen you much on another forum you and I are both memebers of . I'm happy you're here mama and I pray for you and your family all the time. As I said, I'm looking foward to getting to know everyone I can over here!
  6. Hi, My name is Retha. I'm the single mom of Matthew and Marleigh. We live in SW Missouri. I'm the member of another Christian forum where I am the ONLY single mom over there. I LOVE that site but I'm sure glad there is some single moms over here. I look foward to getting tknow you all! God Bless

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