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  1. I know it is hard sometimes to know what God has called us to do. Kinda like someone asking us...what do you want to be when you grow up. It is just unclear sometimes....So,,,,I thought this thread would get us to checking ourselves as women of God...what do you sense in your spirit that God has called you into. I have two things that really stir me.....that is the drama ministry for the youth...and prayer for the sick. I feel very strongly that God flows through people by gifts of the Holy Spirit. When we let God have control ...He has a way of drawing people unto Himself. So...as women of God...let´s search our hearts for the calling of God. Amen! Brenda _____________________________ Faith2cGod in all things!!!!
  2. I find praising and worshipping God in church to be a wonderful honor. I know people move in the Spirit of God differently. Some cry...some sway...some dance...some speak in tongues...some fall under the power of God. I was hoping we could come here and share how God comes upon us during our worship of Him. I recall a time that I was worshipping God and it felt like fire inside me....I was so hot....I was continually bowing down....I told God I couldn´t take anymore...as soon as I said that...it lifted....I told God...no,no,...I didn´t mean for him to lift His presence. I have danced in the Spirit. I have stammering lips. I also have dreams....they consist of healings, and casting out evil spirits. I desire to minister healing and wholeness always....I also...have the desire to lead the youth to Christ through drama. Just a few ways to worship God in my life!!!! I hope you share your heart in this thread. Thanks Brenda
  3. I was told not long ago that a 33 year old lady...died. She lives just a few blocks from me. She has 2 girls...15 and 9, I think. My heart aches for the children....The dad lived in another town. Someone´s lives were really altered tonight. Only God can bring hope and peace to the hearts and lives of these little girls. My thoughts are....Have you told the ones you love that you truly love them today? What about a hug...when is the last time you put your arms around that loved one?....Make sure your words are sweet...they may be your last. I was just thinking...she lived right down the road....I have never witnessed to her. ..This causes me to want to get out more...share my faith more. Purpose in your hearts tonight to make a difference....letś get out of our comfort zone....we need to be doing more for people.....God says faith without works is dead. Action!!!...come on people. Love,
  4. Hello.......welcome....Mother of 12...wow!!!! Talk about the blessings of the Lord. ...Bless you. Brenda
  5. This is a question to make you think. What have you done for God lately....vice/versa...what has He done for you LATELY.... Me ...I just prayed with a friend over the phone for someones healing....To God be the Glory! God....He has been bringing things to the light concerning my children...they tend to try to sneak around...God brings to the light, what is being done by my children in the dark...Thank you Jesus!!!! Hope you enjoy this Thread. Brenda;)
  6. Hello...I have been tied up with so many things...not been able to post in a while...I am looking forward to reading everyone´s posts. Thank you for your kind words... Brenda
  7. I was just thinking back over something God told me as I started to pray. When the war over in Irac first started...there were two US soldiers shot down...but they couldn't find them...I was moved to pray...or so I thought. I started to pray... you know, the usual..."Father...protect them."..on and on...you know how we sometimes do. God stopped me...he said....no...you pray for those two boys, as if they were your two boys. Don'tcha know that will redirect you. Those boys...(forgive me...MEN)...they were someone's son...Father...Daddy...Grandson... This seems to drive it home. I had to change my attitude in prayer. Let's not let our prayers become empty. They should be alive...full of power. Thanks for listening. Brenda
  8. Jesus on the inside...working on the outside... Oh what a change in my life.... ************ Come on shout Hallelujah..Let's get happy!!! ********************
  9. It is amazing how just one word can trigger things. Blessings to you and your loved ones. I'm glad to know that God has worked in your husband's life. It is God's good pleasure to draw us closer. I just know God is going to continue to work in your lives. God's word says....Rom 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to [his] purpose. Be strong...and of good courage...God is with you. always, Brenda
  10. wow!!!! Had to be God!!! I am in agreement Father. I know it might seem like a small thing,...but the part about homework...I totally agree. I come against low self esteem...we thank you Father for a high.."Christ esteem". Rebellion has to go. I call forth the gifts that are within our children... Father thank you that our children will live and declare the works of the Lord. Thank you that they will walk in health... Thank you for your saving power...your anointing that is coming upon them. I thank you for the drawing power....All for your Glory....In Jesus' name...amen
  11. Thank you all so much for sharing...I enjoyed reading your posts. My heart is search for God with a hunger like never before. ...you just don't know it, but coming here every day carries me that much closer to Him...in reading your messages...feeling your pain...it all causes me to hunger even more. THANKS, Brenda
  12. Amen!!!! Amen! and Amen!!!! Thank you Father for teaching and correcting us, so that we can teach and correct our children. They were yours before they were ever ours...Teach us...fashion us....God that we would be more like you in front of them. No pretence God...but pure fellowship with you. In Jesus' name, amen.
  13. I was just thinking how intresting it would be to see what has impacted your life...What has drawn you closer to God...Was it someTHING or someONE? My story.... I ran from God a long time...But He got my attention one day...I heard Him speak to me at my clothes line...I promise you ...I heard a voice...It said...PRAY!! I thought someone was behind me...I turned to see who spoke...no one was there...I took another step....I heard it again...PRAY!!! Long strory short....I called on God before that day was up. My Pastors are my strength in God...My sister plays a huge roll in my walk with God. I'd love to know your story. Brenda
  14. I love the Amish writers...Beverly Lewis... Cindy woodsmall...(amish) Tamera Alexander is awesome too. Francine Rivers...Little Haddassah....I loved her character...so Godly. I have read the series I know, three times. *********Love to read!!!!
  15. I think one of the dearest and best gifts we can ever receive fom God is our children. It is our responsibility to see that we instill in them what they need to make it back to God. Parents...who is praying for your babies? When I say babies, I am refering to whatever child is in your home...newborn to teenager. We must make it a daily act...moment by moment sometimes, to take them before the Lord. There is an enemy after the kids...he's after us all. We have to stand against the enemy...speak good things over you and your children. Minister life unto them....plead the blood of Jesus over them.... God gave them to you...(you, no one else). Lead the children home!!!! Brenda

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