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  1. Yes, it is very scary, especially because she's always been healthy..... But my faith is strong and I know HE's got her.
  2. All - Thank you for the prayers. She seems to be improving. Thank you Dear Jesus.
  3. Hello All. Today I'm requesting you, my friends in faith, to please pray for my mother. She's always been in good health, but at this time something is definitely wrong and so far the doctors have not been able to diagnose it. Thank you in advance for all your prayers of strength and acceptance.
  4. Thanks Abc. I read your words and feel the comfort from HIM.
  5. Congratulations! I hope all goes well with the family!
  6. Hi Beth! Welcome -- I'm sure you'll enjoy this community.
  7. Greetings. Thank you so much for sharing that much needed info that unfortunately isn't "put out there" for everyone to know about!
  8. Danielle -- I am praying for you as well. You're right -- switching back and forth does cause the bill to increase -- I've had that conversation with my electric company! I don't understand how the cost of EVERYTHING continues to go up, but our wages remain the same! I go through moments of anxiety when I have no idea how to pay the bills and still give my kids something to eat.... But GOD always makes a way! HE's got it all under control. Thank you, Dear LORD, for always keeping us with YOU, even when times are hard. Please give Danielle the strength she needs at this time. Danielle -- I'll continue to pray for you. Lean on the LORD - HE's got you!
  9. Greetings! I just thought I’d share with you a website I came upon a few days ago – http://www.bettertobless.com. I’m curious to hear your thoughts! I’m really enjoying the Blessing Way Challenge and Heartfelt Blessings. A daily reminder of the good in everyone and everything is inspiring. We all know this in our hearts, but a gentle reminder never hurt anybody! God is so good!!
  10. Lisa - I feel for you.... That's a difficult situation... You and your family are in my prayers. Just trust the Lord to guide you and your husband in the right direction.
  11. abc -- Thank you for your blessings. One of the biggest challenges being a single mom is feeling like "no one understands" how trying and exhausting it can be. Thanks for reminding me that HE is always with me, and there are many, many others who "know the feeling". And yes, HE always make a way.
  12. Greetings All! Do any of you feel like February seems to drag on and on while we wait for Springtime in March?! I sure do. Beat the winter blues and laugh a little -- it's good for the soul! I know the blessings HE provides me with everyday, and one of them is blogging/blaphing for "ee" (double e), the company I work with part-time. Although I could go on and on about this phenomenal company, owned and operated by Christian moms like us, right now I just want to share with you that February is Laugh-Friendly Month! http://www.eeppcompany.com/laugh-friendly-living.php HE wants us to know HIS joy as HE works through us. Sometimes the only way to "get through it" is to laugh about it!
  13. AMEN! The Lord's radiance shines through in everything! The quote from Joshua is right on time!
  14. Greetings All! The flu hit our household a couple of weeks ago. My oldest daughter, 15, was sicker than she had been since she was about 7. My heart went out to her and I did the best I could to help her be as comfortable as possible while it "worked its way out of her system". Then my youngest daughter, 9, got it. By the time her fever broke, I had taken 7 days of leave from work and was basically told I "had to get back in the office." I need my job to support my family. I also cannot go without a day's pay. So.... I had no choice -- I went back to work..... and struggled with the flu. My thoughts are with all the single moms trying to do their best for their family.... Just remember, although sometimes it feels like "it" will never end, this too shall pass. Jesus is always looking out for you. :-)
  15. I have not used them, but would be very interested to know what you find out. Good luck!

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