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  1. I'm ChristianDad, and spend time with my work traveling in Asia (I'm in Yokohama, Japan currently), and am looking for ideas on how to make it easier for my wife (christianmom) to deal with me traveling for a few weeks at a time... Any sugestions? I've done the obvious (gifts from my travels) Thanks - ChristianDad
  2. Thanks for all of the different ideas... I ended up getting a set on fancy long johns for my wife - for those cold, new england nights when we sit by our fireplace drinking hot cocoa... Have fun today with your ChristianDads and your families... Thanks again, ChristianDad (aka Todd)
  3. It's never to late for Christian Dad... I like to go out 1-2 days before, and see if I can find that "last" minute gift... I appreciate everyone's suggestions so far... ChristianDad
  4. I have almost finished my christmas shopping for my wife (christianmom) - but am looking for that "last" perfect gift... Looking for any ideas... Feel feel to post what your ideas are... Don't worry I'll keep it a surprise on what I choose from your ideas until Christmas morning... Thanks in advance - ChristianDad
  5. This is ChristianDad (husband of ChristianMom), and wanted everyone to keep my wife ChristianMOM in your prayers, as we move to MAssachusetts in the next 2 weeks with 3 kids under 5, and a pet turtle. I have accepted a new positiion at my comapny, and my christian wife follows me no matter what. She does such a great job with the kids, and keeps it all together (and even does this site for her relaxation). She is very strong, but I'm sure some extra "prayer warriors" praying for her wouldn't hurt. Please keep her in your prayers during the next 2 weeks... Thanks- ChristianDad

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