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  1. One of my children had trouble with going at night - I him about around 2 am. (I tried 3 am first but found him already wet by then). It took about two weeks before it broke the habit and he got up on his own.
  2. I think we all experience the five stages of grief not just when we loose someone, but also when we make a life change. A new job, new city, a child goes to college. Although I am not expereincing the lost of somoeone right now. I am in many ways expereincing the five stages in the life change I am going through. I lift all those experencing grief up in prayer at the moment!
  3. 6-8 Ice Cubs 8 oz of Chocolate Milk 1 medium Bannana 2 table soons of peanut butter Blend and serve (This is my diet smoothie)!
  4. I am going to try these (although I think my husband will like them more than my children)
  5. I cannot imagine what you are going through, but I know God has a special place for you. I will pray for you and your husband
  6. If any of you are trying to kick a coffee addiction I suggest replacing your daily coffee with hot water. It really worked for me. I also noticed I had less headaches and more energy (although I am going to the bathroom a lot more )
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    I think the child is a good come from something bad. I would have to fully trust the Jesus would help me to use the carrying of the child and the delivery as a way to heal. I may just consider giving the baby up for adoption as well. Those are my thoughts...I have not been in the situation myself though.
  8. Wow, looks like great. Thanks

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