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    I have been married to Kevin for 3 and half years and we have 1 daughter Norah that is almost two. Born October 4,2006,she is truly a blessing to us. I have always been a Christian but never had a relationship with Him until 2001,when my mom passed.


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    Stay at home mom....planning on homeschooling.
  1. Thank you, thank you , thank you for the much needed prayers. And I too am so thankful for this site that has given me so many blessings and friends.
  2. Thank you so much for the prayers. I need them so.
  3. THANK YOU. We too had a nice relaxing thanksgiving. Just the three of us , but so nice. Hope you all did as well. And on a side note.....I like your avatar onfire4jesus.
  4. Thank you for this. I am most thankful for Jesus as well. After a long month of recovering from my autoimmune hepatitis I am also grateful for health. Not just for me but for my wonderful family that God has blessed me with. And though I am not fully recovered yet , I am on my way. I hope you all had a wonderful , blessed Thanksgiving. I know we did.
  5. I would go with what the rest of the moms on here are saying. Keep checking with your pediatrician. It seems to me that all children do things at their own pace. My daughter was borm premature and was receiving PT from the time she was 3 months old till she was a year. She had high muscle tone and that's why she was receiving services. She stated to cruise at 7 months and cruised for a very long time. Then we took her to a playplace where on the way out I was holding her , tripped on my husband's foot and she broke her leg. That was not even a week after she stopped getting PT. The broken leg didn't stop her any she was still cruising all over the place. After the cast came off I was really worried she wouldn't walk and then all of a sudden she just stood up and started walking at 18 months. Now she's two and we can't keep up with her.
  6. Welcome maggienakato!!! My daughter's only two and we plan on homeschooling so I am sorry I have no answers for you. abc seems very educated in these matters , I would go with anyadvice she has for you. Welcome to the site and I look forward to gettoing to know you.
  7. dianna

    It’s not easy

    Thank you both very much for this.
  8. I'bve really enjoyed chatting eith you and getting to know you here.
  9. My only thoughts on Baby Einstein are that I believe ALL music is good for kids. I don't believe it has to be classical to have a positive outcome on a childs life. I never bought any videos for my daughter , but she LOVES music. Any kind of music she will get up an dance to. She has since seen the Little Einsteins on TV and loves it. Other than the obvious too much TV , I see no problem with her watching it. I just don't think it has any bearing on educating her in any way.
  10. Thank you so much and you have a blessed week as well. I am so happy to hear of how well Landon is doing.
  11. A little update. I still don't have anything on the lupus. I did recently go off the Imuran drug as we were going to try to have another child and that drug is very bad. Well , after three weeks it became very clear that I need the Imuran to keep the autoimmune hepatitis in check. It came back in full force. So now I am recovering again and back on the Imuran. Which tells me it is not His wil for us to have another child. Surprisingly , I am not upset with this. I am filled with a peace. I relaize how very blessed we are to have a beautiful, smart, healthy daughter that we can have lots of fun with. We'll be able to do things with her now that we wouldn't be able to do if we had a newborn to take care of. The most important thing is that I am healthy to take care of her. I am grateful to God for making it very clear what He wanted for us. Thank you all for your many prayers.
  12. dianna


    A little history first for those of you that are not aware of what led me to this wonderful site. Months ago I was on a local moms site. I was quite excited to have a site to go to where I could get valuable advice on child rearing and on topics such as homeschooling. I soon found out that though it is a moms site the topics on this board were not good at all , rather provocative to be more precise. Topics that I personally believe do not belong on a moms site. They soon found out that I was a Christian and that my political beliefs differed from theirs. And that's where my troubles began. They just would constantly incite me and bait me into giving replies on controversial topics that they knew what my answers would be in a way of starting a debate. This whole ordeal had me rather upset , but as always God prevails and led me here to you wonderful ladies where I no longer was insulted for my beliefs but rather uplifted in my continual learning process. Thank you , by the way. I have recently went back to the site as it has changed and I was able to start my own little group for those of us that share the same beliefs and values. This was going fairly well until I started posting on the main page of the site and of course it being during the election things got touchy. I ignored the inciteful and snide comments and refused to comment on them to avoid conflict. Though they would have little comments to say in regards to my posts on even the minor topics. After the election was over I avoided the talk of our new president-elect as I knew we shared diffferent feelings. Then a couple other posters that had the same thoughts as I congratulated them and in a very well worded way voiced how they have concerns but will give him the support he should have. I agreed with them and told them well said. This is where I get in trouble. I then said I too have concerns and explained a few of them. And I said all we can do is pray that God comes into his heart and helps him make the best choices for this country. That's all it took for them to come after me with how dare you say such a thing and how do you know that he doesn't already have God in his heart and the proceeded to pick apart the rest of my post which I was to explain in great detail exactly what I meant. Which boils down to , let's have a debate. I'm not really into that. All I meant was that we should pray , just as I do for president Bush , I did for McCain if he were to be president and will do for president-elect Obama. So tonight watching the news they were talking about Billy Graham's 90th birthday and saying how he has always spent his birthday with the president-elect , this year though he is simply praying for president-elect Obama. Same thing I said. I was like wow. Then they went to his son and he said the same thing and took it one step further and said all I can do is pray the God comes into his heart and helps him make the choices for this country. He worded much than I but I can't remember his exact words. I have never felt like a very good Christian or at least a very well informed one , so this was huge for me. It made me realize , hey , I really didn't say anything the other night that was that horrible if the Graham's said the same thing. And maybe , just maybe I may have been learning right along. So I guess I wanted to share this with someone tonight because I feel proud that I finally realized I know more than I ever thought I did. "God's still working on me" and I am so excited about that.

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