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  1. Thank you all so much for the advice and prayers. I started individual counseling a couple of weeks after our seperation. However, I had suggested before our seperation that we go to marriage counseling. My husband completely shot down that idea and told me that he refused to go because I was the one with the problem and not him. I know, as well as my own counselor knows, that he needs to seek counseling by himself or better yet along side with me, however, I accept that he is (and may never be) willing to do that. I am very stong in my faith and belief that God has a plan for me and watches over me every second. I also am a firm believer in first marriages and totally against divorce. I know that the Lord has place obstacles in my life in order to prepare me for future situations in my life. On the other hand, my husband is not strong in his faith and beliefs. I have tried over the 10 years that we have been together as a couple to encourage him to attend church with me and even more so since the miscarriages and having our son. However, he has never shown any interest and questions many things that have occured in his life that put further doubt and question in his faith. I have prayed over this many times. I know that I need to pray over this continuously. Lately, I have just felt like I didn't know how to pray over my marriage and the hope that my husband will want me back and forgive me for my past actions. I realize that I redirected my focus away from our marriage and relationship and put it fully on the miscarriages and the desire to have a baby with my husband and then later completely on our son (in fear that I would loss everything).....when in fact I have lost everything (my best friend and husband) since our seperation. Man.....I've really rambled. Sorry for being so long, it was just heavy on my heart and mind. Please continue with the thoughts, prayers, and advice. Love and blessings!
  2. Husband and I have been married for 7 years. Dated for 3 years before that. We experienced 3 miscarriages in one year. Stopped trying for a year and eventually became pregnant (without trying LOL). Have a beautiful son who turned 2 years old today. After the 1st miscarriage I became depressed but did not admit it or even try to get help. I thought that I was a leveled headed, well-educated person that did not want to admit it. Since having my son I have been more overwhelmed and anxious about everything. Thinking that I was not good enough, not doing anything the right way, always worried about what others thought......... Just before this past Christmas, my husband basically stopped communicating/talking to me. I continuously asked him what was wrong. He said it was work. He eventually told me (3 days after Christmas) that he thought I was depressed or something was wrong with me and thought that I needed to go se my doctor. I did...had bloodwork....everything turned out okay....started taking meds for depression and anxiety. A month and a half later he blows up at me, telling me that he can't take it anymore. 2 days later he tells me that he is filing papers so my son and I moved to my parents' house (I thought it would only be for a few days or a week or so). That was almost 4 months ago. No papers have been yet. He gets our son about 2 days a week. He still tells me that he loves me and kisses me when he brings our son back. However, whenever I have mentioned us coming back home or him talking to me he says he doesn't want to hear it and gets mad. I'm at a complete loss. I need prayers, answers, suggestions, comments, anything.............I dearly love my husband. I know that I was in a state of depression and could not snap out of it. However, this seperation has changed me for the better. I want him to realize that and give me a second chance to prove that I can make our marriage even better than it was before. Love and blessings.
  3. My son will be 2 this coming Sunday. I have had a terrible time weaning him from nursing. He is only nursing 2 times a day. I'm sure that it is more habit and comfort for him than anything. I am desperate for advice on how to wean him. I'm close to losing my mind over this, although I love him with every beat of my heart. To add to the situation, my husband (of 7 years) and I have been seperated for going on 4 months now. Although I have tried almost a year ago to wean him. Love and blessings.

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