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  1. Howdy from TX - If you're, by chance, looking for some guacamole recipes, please read Easy Guacamole Recipes with Sour Cream They are fattening but good
  2. I've been thinking about this some more... Another thing I would do is try to remember the vows I made before God. I would think of this as one of the "bad times" as is "In good times and bad" and that I needed to stick with him through this trial, I would PRAy PRAY PRAY PRAY I would probably set my alarm to go off every hour or 30 minutes and when it went off I would pray that our marriage would work out, and that he would get help for this horrible sin.(Obviously if you are working you mgiht not be able to do this, but PRAY ALOT) Read "Power of a Praying Wife" I would try to find a counselor that specializes in pornography addictions but it must be a a Christian counselor and I would only go to someone who would truly try to help the marriage stay together. If my husband did not agree to the X3Watch software, I would separate temporarily and consult with a counselor and minister before making further decisions. Also, I would make sure that stuff was completely off the colmputer = reformat it completely if necessary. Also, this might be a good time to wathc the movie "Fireproof" together. That is my advice (((((((((HUGS))))))))
  3. I'm so sorry you're going through this Since you asked my opinion, this is it what I would do. Would get counseling IMMEDIATELY. Find a good reputable Christian counselor. Go to a counselor that only advocates divorce in times of abuse and adultery combined with abandonment. Take it as a positive sign that he confessed this horrible sin to you, but sign up IMMEDIATELY for X3WATCH (google it) where you will be notified (and any other accountably partners) anytime he visits a questionable site. Make a contract with him that it if it ever happens again you will seperate, not necessarily divorce, but will separate. I think it is possible that he did not know they were 17. Now if they were 10 that's a whole 'nother ballgame. But while 17 is still child pornongraphy I think he may have thought it was adult porn. Both are horrible terrible sins, but both have sadly impacted the marriages of many many many Christian families. Some wives have forgiven and they have gone on to heal their marriages and have happy and healthy marriages eventually after alot of work and counseling. There is also a section to discuss this on the marriagebed.com (((HUGS)))
  4. I do, but I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. Good things: I've reconnected with the kids I worked with a group home for abused children. They are now grown up and I enjoy hearing from them and was able to help one out who was in a crisis situation. Also reconnected with a former roommate who is doing missionary work and was able to provide support to her. Also I hear about what people are doing at church. Also helped out a former college friend who was having a crisis. Also used it to advertise Vacation Bible School Bad Things: I'm reminded that I don't have really any true Christian close friends and get jealous when I see that other people have these wonderful friendships. I don't post status updates anymore b/c I get my feelings hurt when no one posts. I used to have infertility and I know that FB is not an infertility friendly place.
  5. Would it bother you if your dh had to spend 13 hours ALONE in a car with a female coworker? And then return a few days later and drive 13 hours again back??? It's for a work related business trip. I posted this on another forum but I thought I'd ask here too. You have a great marriage and never fight and don't worry about him cheating or even getting close to it or anything but would this situation bug you even a teeny tiny bit????
  6. Just in case you have a plethora of Graham crackers on hand..... 5 Easy Dessert Recipes Using Graham Crackers
  7. Just thought I'd share 10 Deviled Eggs Recipes
  8. Here's another great list of Christian summer camps in Oklahoma!!! Christian Camps in Oklahoma - Click here Have a fabulous day!
  9. If you're looking for a Christian camp (church camp) in Texas, here's a great list for ya!!!!!!!!! Fantastic Christian Summer Camps in Texas Have a great day!
  10. These are easy and great!!! Chicken Breast Recipes - Recipes Using Chicken Breasts
  11. Have a plethora of cake mixes? Here's some recipes to try! Creative Ways to Use Cake Mixes - Click here
  12. This is so easy!!!! Super Easy Crock Pot Pinto Beans/Sausage Recipe
  13. Here are some punch recipes in case you're hosting a shower Easy Punch Recipes for Baby Showers

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