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    God has blessed me with my family!! I have three kids, 7, 3, and 3 months and I am happily married to my best friend.


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    Fairmont, WV


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    I love to relax by watching "The Office" or "Scrubs". I love to exercise by doing fun things...biking, hiking, playing Dance Dance Revolution. My biggest passion other than my faith and my family is photography, mainly nature phot


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    stay at home mom
  1. photorea

    Stay at Home Mom

    I've been a Stay At Home Mom for a little over a year now, and altho I love it, some days I just get so stressed out and burned out! I have three kids, and sometimes I feel so outnumbered. I feel like I have no "me" time, and when I get the chance for "me" time, I'm usually so exhausted that I can't enjoy it. My husband works in retail, so he works crazy hours and usually long stretches. He also is active in the National Guard, and when he is away for his weekend it is really hard. Next month he goes for his two week annual training, and I'm DREADING that. Not only because I will miss him but because I look forward to him coming home at the end of the day so I can have some help and some adult conversation. I'm just feeling majorly burned out. I know that right now my calling is to be a stay at home mom, and generally i'm pretty excited about that. Is the "burned out" feeling normal and what can I do to overcome that? any suggestions??
  2. Hi, I'm new to Christian Mom.......my name is Maria and I have three kids. Troy is my oldest, he is 7, Danielle is 3 and Liam is almost 3 months. I'm a stay at home mom, which I love, but is harder than I thought it would be. But I wouldn't change it for the world! I am married, God has blessed me with marrying my best friend, Adam. I just wanted to say hello. I am very excited to meet everyone and to get involved.

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