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    I am a stay-at-home mom of one, and one might be in the oven. I'll soon be going to East Texas University to become a teacher. I married young, and couldn't be happier.


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    I love writing, reading, and am very creative. Anything creative, you better believe I'd enjoy it.


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    I am a stay-at-home mom right now, but soon I'll be a student.
  1. I ask all of you to please pray for my sister, Crystal. She has had an extremely rough life, and it has turned her as far from God as can be. Right now she is struggling with an addiction to crack... she has overcome a crystal meth addiction. She was an intravenous user for several years. She also has cervical cancer, and she doesn't seem to be doing anything about it. She has three children that she hasn't seen in over a year. I worry about her so much. She's only thirty, and she has her whole life ahead of her, but she doesn't see it like that. She says she wants to die... and I'm afraid that before long she'll get her wish. So please pray for her. If ever anyone needed a few extra prayers, it was her.
  2. Okay... this is something I feel extremely passionate about. I've done the research, and before I was a Christian I was certainly on the other side of the fence. But here is the truth, people: This whole Green Movement is on the verge of becoming a new paganistic religion. Actually, I wrote an indepth article on it, all based on fact. If anyone is interested, please write me at Freedomswings@live.com I would love to mail it to you.
  3. I take care of the bills, I cook, I clean, I change the diapers, I clean out the cat box, and I even run my husband's shower for him. I voted that I am the head of the household, but taking a closer look at it, I think that I'm more like the servant of the household. But I don't mind. I love my husband, I love my family, and I love to serve God. Who am I to complain?
  4. One thing God doesn't do is beat around the bush... even if that bush is burning. If God had meant for Genesis to mean that we evolved over billions of years, so on and so forth, then he would have said it. How hard is that to comprehend? These devil-controlled scientists come up with their theories that contradict GOD and spout it as truth. There is only ONE TRUTH, and you won't find it in a lab.
  5. Freedomswings


    At the moment of conception, that baby is a person. Scientists and doctors come up with dehumanizing names such as embryo and fetus to take away the guilt of murder, but when you have an abortion, that is what you are doing. You are murdering your child. Jeremiah1:4-5 "Now the word of the Lord came to me, saying, Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you." Clearly God agrees.
  6. I always loved trick-or-treating as a child. It was the highlight of the year. Getting to dress up, loading up on candy... It was never a matter of spiritual things, it was a matter of having a good time. As I got older, I must admit, that I delved into things that I never should have, but by the grace of God, I returned intact. However, now I know exactly what Halloween represents, and the symbolism of it all. That being said, I am now a mom, and this Halloween my little one will be old enough to go trick-or-treating for the first time. Will I let her? I'm still not sure. Really, it's no different than letting your child go Easter egg hunting, or even pretending that Santa Claus visits at Christmas and delivers presents. It's all pagan. So yeah, probably. It's not as though WE'RE celebrating the day in the way the pagans do. It's just a night of fun and childish innocence. At least, it should be.

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