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  1. Some great points. I love just talking to GOD. I do start my prayers asking for forgivness and then I just start talking to him. I know I will grow in prayer but it's hard not knowing how to take a scripture and turn it into my own prayer.
  2. I'm having a hard time praying from Scripture. The Study I'm doing with DH's aunt has me writing prayers based on Scripture and for some reason I'm not getting it. Why do we need to pray from scripture and not our own words?
  3. He works in retail, he's great at it. Thank you.
  4. Thank you. Prayer does work, at the christian book supply store he found a book he wants.
  5. I have the worst willpower on earth, so many years I started and stopped trying to lose weight. It wasn't until I had my youngest son that I really started trying but not trying to lose weight. Since Jan 2007 I have lost 58 pounds, very slow. I'm 10 pounds away from what I was at 20 which isn't saying a lot because I have always been fat. What I do is when the kids are done eating so am I( even if 's for two minutes), I snack with them, I play outside with them, and I garden(who knew digging up the earth could help you lose weight, plus the beautiful flowers are inspiration).
  6. This is petty but I do need some prayers that DH finds a job closer to home, right now he's driving 40 miles one way to work. Thank you.
  7. 1). What is your favorite book of the bible? Esther 2). What is your favorite verse of the bible? Don't have a favorite verse but my favorite chapter is John Chapter 17, where Jesus prays. 3). What bible character are you most like?Hannah 4). What church do you go to? Grover First Baptist 5). When did you accept Jesus as your savior? 8-11-08 6). When is your birthday? July 26 7). What is your favorite christian movie? 8). What pastor or pastors influences your life the most? Current john 9). What area do you serve at the church that you attend?None right now 10). What are your thoughts of the end times? 11). What is faith? Why do you need faith? 12). What is your favorite book? 13). What is one thing that the Lord has done in your life that you will never forget?Saying me twice once when i was 15 and almosted died during a simple surgery and the second time when I went into Heart Failure after having my oldest son Nick. 14). What are you thankful for? My children 15). Have you counted your blessings? YES 16). Who inspires you and what is it about that person that inspires you? 17). What has Jesus delivered you out of? 18). Have you praised the Lord today for all the things that he has done for you in your life?Yes 19). What matters most in your life? God, my children and husband 20). What do you need to change to serve God more and to live in the fullness of his blessing? To quite doubting myself.
  8. I need to learn how to do better with money. I need people to stop saying they are sorry for my son having Autism, I wouldn't change him for anything. I need a husband who loves God as much as I do.
  9. I'm new to the board. I became a child of Christ on Aug 11,2008. I'm Tina 33 married to Fred 33, we will be married 8 years in Dec. I have two wonderful boys, nick is 4 and has Autism, Jon will be three the 10th and is all boy.

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